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What Are The Common Signs That It’s Time To Break Up?

Love is a powerful feeling. It gives us purpose, inspires us to be better, and makes us feel giddy with excitement and happiness. Dating someone we love is a dream come true, but what if the relationship is starting to make you feel suffocated? What happens when you wake up one morning and you cannot find happiness in your partner anymore? When the urge to join adult dating sites consumes you, then does that mean that deep inside you want to break up with your current lover? So what then, are the common signs that it is time to end things and move on?
Happiness Left The Relationship

1.Happiness Left The Relationship

When you first started dating, you always feel those flirty butterflies on your stomach. You were happy all the time, and you cannot wait to be together every minute of the day. But now, you fail to summon genuine joy in your heart when you are with your lover.
  • Melancholy visits even when you are intimate with each other.
  • Usual activities that used to make you happy does not fill a void in your life anymore.
  • There is no more excitement in seeing your partner.
  • You feel happy with other people but has to fake happiness with your lover.
Sex Feels Obligatory

2.Sex Feels Obligatory

In the early days of your dating relationship, you cannot take your hands off each other. You simply have the natural desire to touch every inch of your lover. But these days, you give in to a sexual act because you feel obligated to do so. When this happens, then you are faced with the decision to end your relationship, or stay and suffer because of pity.
  • Sex became a means to have physical release, and not about love anymore.
  • Sometimes you pretend to be sleeping or not feeling well just to avoid having sex.
  • You are constantly having sinfully delicious fantasies with other hot singles.
  • There is no fire and passion in your sex life anymore.
Seeking For More

3.Seeking For More

The person you love is supposed to complete you, so nothing is missing from your life anymore. At first when you were dating you may have felt that you want nothing else. But now, you find yourself seeking for more than what you have. And the worst part is, you dream of another life that excludes your lover.
  • You want to move to another city alone for a new job opportunity.
  • Planning to travel the world without your partner and meet new friends.
  • Dissatisfaction with your relationship is eating you up.
Thinking Of Or Giving In To Temptation

4.Thinking Of Or Giving In To Temptation

Dating your lover used to mean everything to you. You were so strong with your conviction never to cheat. But for weeks now you have an unfamiliar desire to go out, have fun, and make out with strangers. And if you have not yet, then you are too close to hooking up with someone else.
  • You lust after a friend whom you never gave sexual attention to before.
  • Flirting with people you just met at a bar.
  • Kissing other locals without feeling guilty about your current relationship.
  • Sleeping with someone else just for fun, without worrying about your lover.
Love Is Gone

5.Love Is Gone

Of course, the major sign that your relationship has come to an end is the absence of love. No matter what caused the love to disappear, once it is gone, you need to break up. Do not be a martyr and stay for the sake of your history together. Without love, nothing will be the same.
  • The burning desire to spend eternity with your lover has evaporated.
  • There is no spark in your eyes when you look at your partner anymore.
  • You no longer feel jealous of other people like you used to.
  • Your heart feels empty whenever you are together now.
In a nutshell, you should break up with your partner if your relationship transitions into an unhealthy affair. If you are no longer fulfilled physically and emotionally, then it is indeed time to move on, before you hurt each other deeply. Fortunately, there are sophisticated and efficacious adult dating sites that can help you find your true love.