10 Things 60-year-old men want in a relationship

what does 60s years old men want in relationship
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Today, senior singles represent a bigger demographic, both men and women. As a result of this, interactions between singles over 60 are more common now than a few decades ago.

Although there are some things all men of all ages want, but older men has some specific differences from what they used to back in their 30s and 40s. This seems to be due to the different experiences in relationships and life in general.

1. They all want respect

Respect, love, and relationships go all on the same road when speaking about love and relationships. As a golden rule, considering treating others the same way you would like to be treated, is essential for all kinds of interpersonal relationships. No matter the age or gender, respect is a quality all human beings expect to receive in their lives

But, what does respect for an over 60 single man actually means? For them it goes beyond just respecting their wills, ideas and believes, they also want someone who considers their feelings when expressing themselves and someone who respects them for who they are and what they have achieved in life so far. For men in their 60s is important to be treated as what they are: mature and experienced men, not like a child. Most of all, do not compare over 60 men with other seniors out there or with those who used to be in your life before him.

As a woman, the respect you show them often is a reflection of how much you actually love them as well.  Which is a valuable thing for any man at any age.

2. They have free time for traveling

One of the advantages men in their 60s have over the younger ones is that they are mostly retired, so they have the free time they didn’t have in their 30s and 40s. Also, almost all men at this age have financial stability as well. These two things give them the possibility of finally going for travel to those destinations they dreamed of when younger. As a consequence, men in their 60s search for a woman who is willing to take this type of adventure with them, as a form to enjoy life and enhance the bonds in their new relationship too.

3. They keep the interest on sexy

There are probably as many definitions for “sexy” out there as people are in the world. However, physical attraction and intimacy are very important features for all relationships. Men over 60 are still interested in physical attraction and having sex as well. As a result, there is a strong believe that older men search for younger women who are still considerate as sexy and hot for them. Nevertheless, being interested in intimacy as an over 60 man doesn’t mean the same from what it was in their 30s and 40s. Older men are also searching for the type of intimacy outside the bed as well, including holding hands, cuddling and hugging, all those actions that let them know they have someone emotionally connected to them too.

4. Men over 60 treasure family

A lot of men in their 60s ended up single after getting divorced or widowed, which in the majority of cases comes with children. Either if their children are still kids, in which the situation will be quite different, or if they are already grownups, a woman who values family is a very important feature for men over 60.

As a woman interested in a man over 60 with children, you need to be able to understand there might be some situations like dealing with his ex-wife – due to issues related to the children they have in common-, making plans to spend time with his kids and even sharing custody arrangements, you might have to deal with it. So, if you don’t think you are able to handle this type of situation or if you are inexperienced, looking for some other options will be better for you instead.  

5. Senior are searching for an active woman

As a result of better life expectations, men in their 60s have better health and more active life than decades ago. Going from activities such as planning on a trip, golf, family reunions, gardening among others, men in their 60s are more active these days. So, they truly appreciate a woman who understands this and also someone who brings more action and adventure to their daily lives as a senior.

6. They generally seek for younger women

Unfortunately, men tend to not live as long as women do. As a result, there are more women than men in the over 60 group.

Even though most men do actually feel attracted to younger women, it may be related to the fact that they are more connected to physical attraction than women are there is a statistical reason that influences on this behavior. However, as always, there are exceptions to all types of rules. So, if you are a woman on your 60s and interested in men around your same age, don’t give up! There are plenty of men your age interested in dating within their own age range. You just have to look closely and in the right places.

7. They expect romance

Some people don’t consider men interested in finding someone to build a loving and romantic relationship. Contrary to what most people think, men actually think about romance too – some more than others.

Another thing about romance that needs to be considered is age. Throughout years, men learn to appreciate more those romantic details and the whole idea of having a long-term relationship based on love.

As expected, the type of romance men are expecting is quite different from what women do. They might not expect roses and chocolates from you, instead, they cherish little details like unexpected hugging, a nice and sweet morning message and so on. 

8. They want emotional intelligence and maturity

All men in general treasure an intelligent and mature woman. Senior single appreciates this even more. They expect someone who is an adult as much as they are.

Through the years and many experiences in life, men after 60 have learned how to handle their emotions and how to act in a mature way, rather than how they used to in their 20s and 30s. For this reason, they are looking for someone as mature as them mentally and emotionally.  

Specific characteristics such as having good communication skills and respect when problems in the relationship come along, as well as control over their emotions under difficult and stressful situations, are some of the most important things that senior men look for in a woman.

9. They demand acceptance

All of us like to be accepted as we are, men over 60 like it as well. Senior men have grown set in their own ways and they don’t enjoy someone searching for drastically changing them.

Of course, we all have our flaws, and particularly when love is involved, our partner will try to help us to become better persons, but there are some limits that need to be established.  

Men over 60 don’t want to be criticized about who they are, what they are and what they think, instead, they want someone who respects them and accepts them for who they are, and someone who embraces and highlights the good things about them.

10. They want someone fun, smiling and kind

Older men significantly appreciate a nice, friendly, smiling and kind personality in women more than younger men. They also feel attracted by these features, but not as much as older men do. 

Having a good sense of humor is very attractive. Building a relationship with someone fun, friendly and with a kind attitude will help senior singles to deal with problems in a better way, as well as to make them feel happier in their relationships. 

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