What Women in their 50s Want In a Relationship?

What Women in their 50s Want In a Relationship

As they get older, women become more secure about what they really want in a relationship, and what they like or dislike in their ideal partner. In this new era of casual encounters, many men over 50 truly appreciate the experience and how focused on romantic and long-term relationships this group of women is.

So, if you are a guy interested in what older women want in a man, keep reading this article and find out about some of the things you need to take into consideration.

1. All women want honest relationships    

Even though being honest is a thing to aim for all ages, women over 50 are particularly attached to this feature as a strong requirement. As the result of the experience, they’ve reached at this point in their life where they understand how important and valuable being honest is to a successful relationship.

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So, what does being honest mean specifically for women over 50? They expect men to tell the truth about who they are, what they think and want and what he don’t. Fair enough, don’t you think?  

2. Kindness and consideration, popular features these days

Kindness is something all of us human being searches for in all kind of relationships – not only romantic ones. Speaking about relationships over 50 women, being kind is definitely one of the most popular features to highlight when it comes to dating a man.

Some of the characteristics that better describe being kind and considerate for a woman over 50 are those men who are willing to admit when they are wrong and to fix it as a benefit for the relationship, without getting defensive, offensive or just stepping out when times get hard.  

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3. Respectful and a gentleman, what mature women search for

Respect is one of the most important things to accomplish in a relationship and one of the stronger pillars to a successful one. Thanks to the experience they have got through the years, over 50 women value this feature may be more than women on their 20s and 30s. 

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Being a respectful man as well as a gentleman goes together. Actions like taking her opinion as a valuable one – even if he disagrees-, or showing admiration for things she likes and appreciates, are some of the things that better describe these two features in a man.

4. All they need is love…

Even though most women all ages – as well as men-, are searching for someone to establish a love-based relationship, the frequency, and importance of this take a rather prevalent role in over 50 women than in the case of those younger ones.

So, why over 50 women are more interested in love than younger women are?

As a result of the experience they have reached so far, they have learned that what really matters is finding someone who loves you and supports you rather than someone to just have fun with.

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5. Women over 50 want to travel

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As a woman over 50s, free time is considerably different from those in their 20s and 30s, as well as their financial stability. As a result of this, women are attempting to do the traveling they weren’t able to do in their 30s, and now they have the economy they didn’t in their 20s. This leads us to the consequence of women searching actively a man who loves and is interested in traveling too. Most of the time they’re looking for a romantic relationship but there are some who are only looking for a nice travel companion. 

6. Family always comes first

For most women in their 50s, they might have had a prior marriage and, even if they have left their former husbands behind, they haven’t left their children. For them, family is very important, and they are searching for a man who understands this and also who takes a role as an active member of her family too, by accepting their children and understanding that they might be a priority for her in some scenarios.

7. Women over 50 appreciate financial responsibility

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Even though it might sound a little bit profit-seeking, financial status is very important for women over 50. Having economic stability means that the man is mature enough as to manage his finances and he is not going to be depending financially on her. They are not expecting for someone wealthy, instead, they ask for someone who has planned enough his present and future when it comes to the economy.

8. They value emotional stability 

Women, in general, are often known as a drama queen, and at times, a little emotionally unstable. As the years go by, women gain maturity and learn how to deal with this natural characteristic they have. Most women over 60 have reached this point in which they want and expect someone who doesn’t have drastic mood changes or someone who acts impulsively. Instead, they want someone easy going, fun and relaxed, who has her back when needed and that makes her feel secure and in good company. 

9. Show yourself as confident as you can

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Confidence is a “Must have” feature most people seek for when trying to embark on a new relationship. Finding someone confident enough as to know their value and the way they want you to treat them, as well as someone that feels satisfied with who they are, is a highly attractive thing nowadays. Even though this characteristic is well appreciated by all genders and ages, women over 50 are maybe those who have learned to appreciate it the most, because of the experience and background they have collected up to this stage of their life. 

10.  They want a good listener

Women in their 50s know what they want. Having someone who listens to the things they have to say is very important to them. They highly appreciate a man who is caring and a good listener as well. Someone who is not just with his phone all day or during dates or in front of the tv the entire weekend. Instead, he is focused on her and their relationship.

Here is my 2 Cents..

So, as you can see, what women in their 50s want in a man doesn’t really change drastically from what they want in their 30s and 40s. Women of all ages are seeking for an honest, caring, loving and funny man to be with.

So, what is different when they get older?

Women in their 50s value some aspects in men more than other demographics. They particularly look for someone who is mainly interested in romantic and long-term relationships, who is a gentleman, a family-oriented man and someone to travel with.

Even if most men don’t fill all the items in the list, women are trying to find someone who has the highest number of these characteristics and -maybe the most important things, someone who is willing to try and improve those other things that matter the most for women in relationships. They are not looking for perfection!

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