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5 Clever Ways To Ask Your Date For A Casual Sex

Even in the modern world of dating, it is still not easy for a woman to ask a guy for sex. But if you are feeling lonely and wants some company in bed tonight, then you better act fast. Once you perfect the art of asking for sex, you will never be lonely.
Ask Him Bluntly to Have Sex

1.Ask Him Bluntly to Have Sex

The best way to get laid is to simply ask your desired man to have sex with you. This method may shock him, but you get an immediate and unrehearsed answer. So ask away, and if he refuses, then go and seek someone else who is more willing. Keep in mind that if you fail once, you get better at it on the next round.
  • If you are dating a man, asking him for sex is easy. But if he is a friend or a stranger, then gather the courage and ask for a casual tumble in bed.
  • The result is either a successful plan, or a decline. If you are rejected, then look for another man.
  • Try again and again until you find sexual release with a hot body.
Invite Him for A Drink at Your Place

2.Invite Him for A Drink at Your Place

Well, it is kind of obvious that when you invite a guy into your place, you only have one thought in mind: sex. So regardless if you want to engage in dating or one-night stand only, invite him up and see where it leads.
  • Use your charm to get a hot guy come to your place for a drink.
  • Flirt with him and create a romantic and sensual atmosphere in your home.
  • Tease him with accidental show of your skin, and let him take the bait.
Throw in Hypothetical Questions About Sex

3.Throw in Hypothetical Questions About Sex

When you are dating someone, it is normal to throw in tons of questions in order to get to know each other. And if he is not making a move yet to ravish you in bed, then ask for hypothetical questions involving sex. That would give him a hint that you want more than talk.
  • Lead the conversation into sex.
  • Let him know that you like a guy who gives in to his passion and satisfy his woman.
  • Give a hint that you do not care about dating rules on when to have sex. You can do it on the first day.
Let Your Sexy Body Make the Move

4.Let Your Sexy Body Make the Move

Is your body vibrating with the desire to have sex? Then let your body speak its own language and let your favored guy see your sexual signals. Make a move now before you go home frustrated and hungry for physical release. Keep in mind that dating paves the way to get laid, but you can opt for casual sex too.
  • Approach the guy whom you are salivating at and start up a flirty conversation.
  • Talk about anything, but use your body language to make him see your arousal for him.
  • Once he gets the message, he will surely make the first move by kissing you and taking you somewhere to tear your clothes off.
Lure Him with Your Eyes into A Private Spot

5.Lure Him with Your Eyes into A Private Spot

You have seen this happen to many movies. And yet, using your tantalizing eyes to hook a man and enthrall him to follow you actually works. You do not have to be dating someone to have sex. Simply do it with a complete stranger without even knowing his name.
  • Go to a popular bar wearing your sexiest outfit.
  • Find a guy who is alone and of course, overly appealing and hot.
  • Make eye contact, and use your facial expression to lure him into somewhere private.
  • Have a casual sexual run-in in the bathroom, deserted alleyway, or anywhere away from prying eyes.
No doubt about it. You are a highly capable woman in terms of asking a man for sex. But, as shocking as this is, not all men would say yes. Luckily for you, there are naughty dating sites where all male members are ready for dating and casual sex. So what are you waiting for? Join an online community where every user is after the same thing.