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Questions to Ask When You Are 50 And Dating

First Date Questions

You are not a newbie in dating, but somehow you always feel your heart thumping fast during the first dates. But of course, you know that awkward silence is never a good start, so you need to come up with the best questions. Just keep in mind that the queries must come out naturally, and ask them in ways that encourages positive interaction.
Are you working on DIY or passion-related projects right now?

1.Are you working on DIY or passion-related projects right now?

Singles over 50 are known to enjoy DIY personal projects, so this is a good place to start. From this question you will learn about his passions, and how he spends his time. You also get a glimpse on what his hobbies are, and figure out if he has enough time for dating or do you need to bail out. Indeed, this question leads to many interesting topics, but more importantly, it allows you to see if you have similar likes.

2.How does your typical day looks like?

Instead of asking what he does for a living, it is wise to ask how his day usually goes. This question opens a path to knowing his professional life, and when he is usually available for dating. You can gauge how he live his life from day to day, and get an idea on how he handles things. By inquiring about his normal days, you eventually find out about all the people he deals with in a daily basis. And so this question leads to discovering personal and professional things about your date.
Are you allergic of any food?

3.Are you allergic of any food?

This may sound like a weird question, but timing is very important. Only ask this if you are dating in a restaurant. It is an appropriate question which conveys concern, and allows you to find out what he likes in food. It is essential to learn if you have the same fondness for certain food, so you can maybe cook him something special later on. You need to know if he is allergic of something so you do not accidentally cause his medical problem.

4.What is your dream vacation?

Do not ask if the guy you are dating went on a vacation recently, because if he did not, the silence that follows can be awkward. Instead, engage him into talking about his dream vacation. This will surely make him animated and this route leads to talking about past and future vacations. In this stage of your conversation you will find out about his passions, the places he likes to visit, and if he prefers a quiet crowd or a loud one. The knowledge you get from this question is stored in some part of your brain, to be used later on in the near future.
Can you tell me about your childhood?

5.Can you tell me about your childhood?

Yes, you are already in your 50s, but knowing about the childhood of your date is important, regardless of his age. You are dating him for a reason, so it is best to know what his life foundations are. This inquiry is also a good start to talk freely about his family, ex-wife, children, and grandchildren, if any. You will learn how he grew up, and what kind if a man he is. So instead of bombarding him questions about his relationship with his family, allow him to tell you a story.

6.Do you like animals?

It is okay to ask if your date has pets, but that question is too common. So is it best to ask if you are dating someone who has affection for the four-legged creatures. Your smart inquiry opens doors to knowing about his love for pets, or the lack thereof. His answer can influence your decision to have a second date with or not. If he hates pets and you have dogs and cats, then his dislike will absolutely cause a rift between you two. But if you both love animals, then you are compatible.
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