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1.Telltale Sex Signs That He Is In Love With You

Dating fills your world with passion, and you are sexually satisfied with your lover. But, you came to a point in your relationship where you want something more than a casual affair. You are starting to develop feelings for him, but of course you are smart enough to even the odds by figuring out if he feels the same way. After all, your original agreement is a no strings attached relationship. But a girl is allowed to dream, right?
Your Optimum Orgasm Matters Most To Him

2.Your Optimum Orgasm Matters Most To Him

The ultimate sign that he is head over heels for you is his utmost consideration of your delicious orgasm. He goes the extra mile just to make sure that you are satisfied, and will not rest until you reach the seventh heaven. If this sign is obvious in your man, then you have a lover who loves you.
  • You man experiments for ways to make you feel more aroused and sexually satiated.
  • He applies diversity in technique to make you happy and satisfied in bed.
  • There is never a time when you feel like cheating because he gives everything he has when he has sex with you.
He Looks You Iin The Eyes When He Comes

3.He Looks You Iin The Eyes When He Comes

Many men close their eyes as they reach orgasm, or even like to take women from behind so they can fantasize about dating and hammering a celebrity or someone else. But if your lover is holding your gaze while he reaches the fulfillment of his desires, then you can expect love hidden from that hunk torso.
  • Your man holds your face during climax to force you to look him in the eyes as he comes.
  • He allows his passion and love show through his eyes as he releases his passion inside you.
  • You can see how his eyes light up and lovingly gaze at you as you both move to reach the peak of orgasm.
Caresses Your Body Gently With Obvious Care

4.Caresses Your Body Gently With Obvious Care

In your life-long dating experience, you have encountered the different ways a man touches his woman. If your lover exercises gentleness in caressing your body and evidently ensures that you are not hurt in any way, then he definitely has feelings for you. Caring for your body is a sign that he will protect you and love you.
  • Even in a wild sexual adventure, he makes sure that your hair does not tangle with his arms.
  • He treats your skin like gold and never leaves a mark of his love making.
  • Your lover holds his weight all the time so you are not burdened by the pressure of his body.
He Always Makes You Come First

5.He Always Makes You Come First

Every woman in the world dreams of a man who is not selfish in bed. If you are lucky enough to be dating a guy who prioritizes your fulfillment first, then you can be sure of his love for you.
  • Your lover always works hard to make you come before he satisfies himself.
  • He has a huge amount of patience in bed, and he arouses you and drives into you until you come before he seeks his own orgasm.
  • Sex with him ends up in two ways only. Either you come first, or you both come together.
Respects Your Likes And Dislikes In Bed

6.Respects Your Likes And Dislikes In Bed

A man in love never forces a woman to perform kinky stuffs if she is not into it. So even if your lover fantasizes about the extremes in sex, he respects what you like. He observes what makes you tick in bed, and performs them for you.
  • If you are not into anal, then he never asks.
  • He figures your desires and makes them come true.
  • Your man fulfills your fantasies and never gives in to his dark desires.
Being loved is blissful and downright romantic. But if your man does not show any sign of emotional attachment to you while dating, then it is time to find someone who will treat you as more than a sexy, sensual lover. You deserve to be happy. Sign up at naughty dating sites in order to meet the man who will fall for you big time.