OurTime Review – Scammer or Real Partners?

OurTime offers one of the largest databases and most used senior dating websites. No matter which type of relationship users are searching for – long-term relationship, friendship, travel companion or just hanging out- the site gives seniors the opportunity to find the right one!

1. Sign-up process:

One of the most attractive things about OurTime is their easy, fast and friendly registration progress. Considering the site’s population target – seniors over 50 – being an easy to handle platform becomes a very attractive characteristic to point out.

ourtime.com signup process

Just a few simple questions are required to create an account. The best of all? The entire process will only take about 2 minutes to complete! By this point, the user will be able to scroll through some pictures or other users’ profiles but connecting to them does have a cost.

The following steps are those needed to complete the sign-up progress:

  • Select your gender and sexual interests.
  • Select your country and zip code area.
  • Fill out the registration questions about your personal information.
  • Provide an email address.
  • Create your username and password.
  • Upload a profile picture of your choice.
  • Complete a short biography of yourself (optional).
  • Select from a bunch of pictures the ones you like the most (optional).

Now, Select the subscription plan that bests suits you. Start sending applications and messages to those matches.

Once users have finished the registration progress, the log-in progress is very simple as well! The site will only ask them their email address -usernames or nicknames are optional- and previously selected password, and that’s it! Ready to enjoy the matching?

2. The Features

OurTime provides its users with a wide-open variability of features that increase the exclusivity of the site and the enjoyment of the experience. All these features are designed to help users find the right match in the most fluid of ways.

In order to be able to enjoy all the features of the site, members need to previously choose a paid membership. Going for email or sending digital gifts the possibilities of communication are amazing.

Let’s take a closer look at the most highlightable features of the site:

MessageIdeas offers users the possibility of a better first connection by selecting 3-4 questions that those interested in their profiles may answer when first contacting them through email.

PromoteMe allows members to be more visible to other members by putting their profile in the top of the search for a limited period. 

In order to gain “extra points” and the attention of those members of interest, users can send them virtual gifts and increase their probabilities of matching.

ConnectMe gives users the possibility of taking communication to a next step without exposing their identity. The site provides users with a virtual phone number, so they keep their own private. 

If users run out of ideas for improving their profiles, OurTime offers them the ProfilePro service, in which experts will make their profile looking desirable and unique.

3. Quality of profiles

Having a good and complete profile will tell a lot about members and increase their opportunities for finding the perfect match. The OurTime process of making a profile it’s a simple one to fill. So, seniors will not have to worry about boring and tedious profile making tasks.

ourtime.com member profiles review

One of the most important things the OurTime team respects is privacy and discretion regarding the information their members share in their profiles.

So, what describes OurTime profiles as a quality one?

  • Users can add up to 30 photos and some videos to their profile. 
  • The profile making progress is very specified and simple to follow, even for those non-tech savvy seniors.
  • As part of their free services, all profile pictures can be seen.
  • The profile information can be changed at any time.
  • There are specific items included in the profile information that can be finished at any other time later if it wasn’t finished during the sign-up progress. 

As a disadvantage, the site doesn’t have an identity verification system, which leads to the fact that there are a lot of scammers out there trying to take an opportunity over those singles seniors and steal money from them.

4. Why premium is better?

ourtime.com premium membership

Part of the integral services that the OurTime website offers, as many things in life, have a cost. According to this, having the opportunity to fully enjoy all the features of this site requires a member to own a paid membership. However, there are some limited actions that can be done without a membership subscription, for free. 

Here we have the description of some services users can have access to by having a free account or a membership:

Free account:

  • Account registration and profile creation.
  • As expected, this option has very limited use of the features and characteristics of the site. Those are:
  • Review of pictures and profiles of other users, without being able to communicate with them.

Membership account:

  • On the other hand, having some of the different membership plans the site offers gives members access to all kind of benefits and amazing features to enjoy. Some of these are:
  • Having access to all the site features, such as ConnectMe, PromoteMe, ProfilePro and so on.
  • Users also have the opportunity to start conversations whit other members through the online chatting platform of the website.
  • Members are provided with dating advice articles written by experts.

Even though getting access to the many features of the platform has a cost, when comparing the prices with other online dating sites, OutTime has a reasonable price.

Besides regular subscription, OurTime offers another service, the value subscription, which gives members extra benefits such as:

  • Receiving notifications when their messages have been read.
  • Premium profile has a different look from regulars, having different colors to highlight. 

5. My experience  on OurTime.com

I’ve read so many negative reviews, and truthfully, I’ve had some of the same experiences. Yes, there are some “duds” and scammers on there but OurTime.com also regularly gives you advice on how to recognize them and to make sure to report them. It also gives advice on regularly updating your profile to make it fresh. But, on the whole, I’ve also met some very nice gentlemen on this site. I can’t speak for anyone else, but, my experience here has been positive. Suzzanne on Consumer Affairs.

Here are some of the pros and cons we believe need to be  taken into consideration:


  • A large list of usable features to choose from.  
  • Free membership for a limited amount of options.
  • Reasonable and standard prices for paid memberships.
  • The site offers a friendly and easy to handle layout for senior members. 
  • The OurTime site remains as an exclusive site for single seniors. Making space for those searching a new opportunity in the loving field in the new era of online dating.


  • In order to get access to the main features, upgrading is required.
  • Maybe the most serious problem with this site –and others- is the possibilities of scammers, in order to take advantage of the susceptible demographic this site contains. 
  • For some, having such a wide list of options might be a little too much for those non-tech savvy seniors that still want to date.
  • For some seniors, the huge database the site owns makes a problem when matching with some other senior too far away from them.  
For those single seniors interested in having a second chance in love after a divorce or becoming a widower, OurTime is a great option to start. Not only do they have a huge database, increasing the opportunities to find a match, but also, they have a friendly and complete layout with all kind of features to choose from.
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