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Pros and Cons

Quick and easy registration
Easy-to-use search tools
iOS app is available
Affordable monthly subscription plans
Cannot view women’s complete profiles with a free membership
Must purchase tokens to communicate with other users
No Android app yet
Too many fake and inactive profiles

About OneNightFriend

The members of OneNightFriend are diverse, intersecting all sorts of age, ethnic, and socio-economic groups. You could classify it among other “naughty dating sites”; it is best for hookups. The user base is large, and there isn’t a recommended age; all age groups are present on OneNightFriend.

Members and Profiles

As mentioned above, there are many different types of members, and you will see many different profiles on OneNightFriend. There is a fairly large user base. Unfortunately, there are more active male accounts than female ones, though that is true of almost any dating platform. You will find profiles of attractive men. You will find even more profiles from attractive women. However, not all of those profiles are genuine. Some of the profiles featuring photos of beautiful women are fictitious profiles used for internal marketing purposes. OneNightFriend openly admits this, albeit in some very fine print.

OneNightFriend App

The OneNightFriend app is very much a tale of two cities. If you have an iPhone, then congratulations! OneNightFriend has an iOS app that is downloadable from the Apple store. And it is easy to use with a clean and well-designed interface. Of the flaws OneNightFriend has, an unprofessional layout is not one. Care has been taken care of in its creation. And perhaps care is being taken in the creation of an Android service . . . but we don’t know because it doesn’t exist. At least not yet. For now, OneNightFriend is only available for iOS.

Cost and Prices

You can sign up and register for free. A 3–4-day trial costs less than $3. A six-month membership costs $0.41 per day.
Length of Subscription Cost Cost per Day
Basic Membership – Indefinite Free Free
3 Day Trial (One Day Free) $2.97 $0.99
One Month $27.30 $0.91
3 Months $45.90 $0.51
6 Months $73.60 $0.41

Special Features

There aren’t many special features for free users. The search function works well. Female users can access more features with a free membership, but you must pay to access the chat function. You can benefit from some suggested templates to help you up to your flirting game if you do.


OneNightFriend follows the dating app industry’s standard practices to maintain the safety and security of its members. It’s pretty good at weeding out fake or scam profiles (apart from the fake ones OneNightFriend itself has created). You still have to exercise precaution as with all dating sites.

Our Experience on

Sign up Process

Sign up Process OneNightFriend
The sign-up process for OneNightFriend is really easy. It only takes a few minutes to create an account. With a free membership, you can sign up, upload photos and videos, and use the basic search functions, as well as like photos. To sign up, you, of course, need to provide some basic information. That information includes your age, gender, location, and email address. There are no annoying questions beyond these. Just upload a well-lit, smiling photo, and you’re good. If you choose to sign up for a paid membership for OneNightFriend, that process is pretty easy, as well.

Profile Creation

Profile Creation OneNightFriend
Profile creation is easy. It’s pretty much the standard procedure for all dating sites. You can upload photos and a description of yourself. There are also status updates. This can help because you can notify others if you’re planning on leaving your account inactive for a period or update people on your mood. Enter who you’re looking for (gender and age) and your zip code so the app knows where to search for users. It should be noted that free membership users can only see your profile photo but paying members can look through your other posted photos.

Searching and Matchmaking

Searching and Matchmaking OneNightFriend
The search function on OneNightFriend is generic but easy to use. You can’t search for something super specific like freckles or a number of previous sexual partners or anything like that. But basic search criteria are available. You can use filters such as ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, body type, eye color, income, hair color, religion, and education. You can also match with people based on habits such as drinking or smoking and body modification, e.g., tattoos and piercings. Lastly, you can filter out profiles that don’t have photos and specifically search for ones with videos.

Contacting Other Members

Contacting members OneNightFriend
Before we describe how contacting other members works, we should reiterate, this is only possible on OneNightFriend with paid memberships. With a free membership, you cannot even send the simplest of messages to anybody. If you do pay, contacting is simple and easy. It works much like any other dating or hookup site. There is one nice, an added feature, however: the templates. OneNightFriend offers template messages. This is handy because some people are a little socially awkward through no fault of their own. If you’re insecure about your flirting game, these templates can help.
Expert’s Conclusion
The site and app are both quite easy to use. The functionality and design are a bit basic, yes, but who cares? It’s been designed by professionals, so that’s a plus. It’s easy to sign up, register, and set up a profile. Beyond that, OneNightFriend isn’t great. The fake profiles are a major drawback to this site. You will see ads of member profiles depicting beautiful women. Assume these are all fake. There are real women (and plenty of men) on this site, so if you have extra money lying around, give it a try.


Is it Easy to Update My Profile?

Yes, it is. You can easily upload new photos and write new status updates.

Does it take long for my photo to appear?

No, it doesn’t take long. For most users, it will upload immediately; others might have to refresh their page once or twice.

Is it easy to delete my OneNightFriend profile or cancel my membership?

Yes, it’s pretty easy to delete your profile from OneNightFriend. You can cancel your OneNightFriend membership at any time but remember that you can’t get money back for what you’ve already paid for, e.g., if you paid for six months, you paid for six months, even if you cancel after only two months.