Best Naughty Dating Sites

Naughty dating sites aren't for the faint of heart or those looking to find themselves a knight in shining armor. These hookup websites are all about one-night stands where you get down to everything else but wanting to commit to a long-term relationship.
Some people just want to live that naughty care-free life of the hookup culture where you don't wake up one day having a wife or a husband and kids to take care of. Luckily for these naughty ones, there are several websites to help them out on their endeavors.

Do Dating Sites Work for Hooking Up?

There are several reasons why one would sign up for a hookup dating site. You could be in search for a one-night stand, not want to commit to a long-term relationship, are all about having fun, and lastly, just don't care enough to want to start a family life and settle down.
But the real question that arises in anyone's mind is the validness of these naughty dating websites. Do they work? Are they really worth the time and money? Or is it just a one-trick pony? In this detailed review, we will provide you with extensive information on the top 5 naughty dating sites and give a comparison with rankings so you can decide whether they are worth it.
OneNightFriend logo is a naughty dating website where members can sign up to find themselves a one-night stand buddy. It has more than 3 million registered individuals, out of which 75% are males, and the remaining 25% are females. The most common age group on here is the 20s-30s and even 50s.
Amongst the few features present on, the most commonly used are:
  1. Like Gallery
  2. Winks
  3. Flirtcasts
  4. Basic Search
Upgrading to premium is always a good option if you've got the money for it. Here the most popular premium plans available:
  • One month for 39.00 USD
  • Three months for 65.70 USD
  • Six months for 106.20 USD
Benaughty logo

Benaughty, as the website name suggests, is made purely for naughty dating. Anyone who is of legal age (18+) can sign up and begin searching for naughty hookups. The site has over 2 million active profiles, about 60% of them belong to female members, and 40% belong to male users. The age group most saturated here are the 20s, 30s, and 40s.
Some of the few features available for members to take advantage of include:
  1. Winks
  2. Free unlimited messaging for females
  3. Favorites List
  4. Basic Search
The premium packages on are very reasonably priced. Few amongst these plans include:
  • One week for 1.00 USD
  • One month for 28.80 USD
  • Three months for 48.60 USD
Ebonyflirt logo is a naughty dating platform catered specifically towards black singles wishing to indulge in a naughty hookup or two. It has more than 1 million registered accounts that belong to black men and women and people of other races. The ratio of male and female on here is 3:2.
The most popular free-to-use services on are:
  1. Flirtcasts
  2. Like Gallery
  3. Winks
  4. Favorites List
The pricing for a premium membership on here varies. Some of the packages listed include:
  • One month for 28.80 USD
  • Three months for 48.60 USD
  • Six months for 79.20 USD
Iamnaughty logo provides an outlet for anyone who identifies as being naughty to meet like-minded individuals. The website has over 4 million users registered from all across the globe. Amongst them, the majority are men (70%), and 30% are women. The users here are mostly 25-35 years of age.
The free services on are similar to most sites. These include:
  1. Send Likes
  2. 5 Free Messages
  3. Basic Search
The pricing of the premium is also comparable to other platforms. These include:
  • One month for 28.80 USD
  • Three months for 48.60 USD
  • Six months for 79.20 USD
Naughtydate logo is a dating platform for steamy hookups with other naughty individuals. The site has 4 million active users, out of which 75% are men and 25% are women. is most popular amongst the age groups 25-35 and 55+.
Few of the free services that are available for every member include:
  1. Send Winks
  2. Like Gallery
  3. Friends Section
  4. Chatrooms
If free features aren't landing you a naughty time, switching to premium may be a better option. The pricing of few packages on the website include:
  • One month for 39.00 USD
  • Three months for 65.70 USD
  • Six months for 106.20 USD

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Free Apps for Hooking Up

There are several apps aimed towards naughty dating. There might be more naughty dating apps now compared to the conventional ones. However, not every dating platform has joined the popularity of creating an app. Here are some websites that have a dating app:
  • — the app is available to download for free on Google play only; currently, there is no app for iOS users.
  • — has a mobile version; however, it's web-based and not a downloadable app.
  • — has a mobile app that is free to download only for Android users. The iOS version is currently still under development.

Is it Safe to Engage in One-Night Dating?

One-night stands aren't everyone's cup of tea. You never know what could go wrong before or during your naughty date. There are several ways in which you can ensure your safety on these naughty dating sites. Most of them provide users with a 24/7 customer service chat or helpline to assist in any possible situation.
They also provide features such as blocking and reporting if you no longer wish to be bothered by other members and want to take matters into your own hands. Additionally, premium features like full-safe mode and basic-safe mode let users filter accounts that can reach out to you. Basic-safe mode allows only users that have their accounts verified to reach out to you. On the other hand, full-safe mode blocks messages from unverified and reported users.
Naughty dating beyond the online encounter requires you to be self-vigilant. If at any time through the meeting you feel threatened or uncomfortable, you should opt-out. There are red flags that one can keep in mind, especially on a naughty date. If you're being forced to do something that doesn't sit well with you, get help. Lastly, always meet in a public space for such encounters; home addresses aren't the best option.

Top 5 Dating Tips for Hookups

Even the most seasoned experts can mess up during naughty meet-ups. Therefore, to help out newbies and naughty professional individuals, we've gathered the top 5 dating tips. These tips will definitely ensure a smooth dating experience.
  1. When engaging in naughty acts, be sure to ask for consent. It is an essential element when it comes to naughty encounters. One might be down for a good time but not want it after a while.
  2. Don't try for a relationship with someone only in for a naughty time. Most individuals on these platforms aren't looking for love and are just about the casual sex.
  3. Have no shame in wanting to call quits. If the person is a turn-off, it may seem shallow, but not everyone can enjoy hookups when their partner's looks aren't satisfactory.
  4. Ladies, pamper yourself before and after a naughty time. We're all similar with getting ready before a naughty date, but it's essential to maintain yourself after one. Be sure to get tested for any STDs if you're suspicious.
  5. Safety first, and no, we don't mean the physical danger. We're talking about the threat that the naked eye, STDs cannot see. At all times, use protection, no matter what your one-night stand says.

How to Create a Hookup-Worthy Profile?

The first impression is the last impression. We've all heard of this phrase. And honestly, it doesn't apply any better than it does with online dating. If you're on a naughty hookup site looking all dressed up and ready to marry, chances are you'll get zero matches.
You'll have to adapt your profile to the platform you're on. Not everyone is into the idea of marrying a sex buddy. Naughty platforms require you to be provocative and open to bold conversations. That's not to say shy people should turn away, but your chances of naughty time reduces drastically if your mouth doesn't say the right things.