Review – Does it Work For Seniors?

MMatch has been around for two decades now, remaining as one of the most popular online dating sites around the world, particularly for those seniors over 50. Also, the site owns a huge database, which helps users to increase their probabilities of success in the searching for their ideal one.

1. Sign-up process signup

As one of the most attractive characteristics of Match, their sign-up process, and profile creation are really easy and quick to complete. Users are guided every step on the way through the process, which makes it even easier for them, particularly for those not acquainted with technology. Here we collect those steps users need to follow:

Step 1: “About Me:” Here the site will ask detailed personal questions about their users. Some of these are related to their physical appearance -age, height, body type-, spirituality -religion, beliefs-, education and work, children and smoking or drinking status.

Step 2: “About My Match:” It is all about their ideal match. Users need to select all the characteristics they are looking for in a partner. Going for physical appearance, religious preferences, education, as well as selecting some habits like smoking and desire of having children or not.

Step 3: “In My Own Words:” Now, users have their own space to openly express their personalized interests and what exactly they are looking for in a partner. Everyone will see this information in their profile.

As a result of this detailed profile creation, members can identify their preferences and deal-breakers as well. This way, they will not be matched with someone who smokes -if it’s not of their interest- and instead with someone interested in traveling. The best of all? It won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. So, easy and more time to invest in match-searching… double winning!  

2. Features

Match not only offers simplicity and efficiency but also a wide list of unique features to enjoy. They take very seriously the variability when talking about communication diversity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most amazing features this site owns: features

Their users can feel confident enough to join the site with no space for loosing – If you don’t find someone within six months of paid membership, they will provide you another six months’ membership for free. How great?

The site offers many ways to directly interact with other users, such as chatting, email or messages.

  • ReverseMatch Shows those other members interested in someone with your profile description. So, if they don’t come to you… you go to them!
  • MutualMatch allows members to find a personalized list of the most compatibles matches for them, according to their profile information.
  • In the Discovery Section, members can directly find their matches by using the many filters the site has to offer, such as age, interests, lifestyle, education, distance and so on.

And now, maybe the most attractive and unique of all features the site has, their MatchEvents. This feature makes possible offline interactions for single members. Ranging from wine tasting or cocktails’ night to more easy-going activities like bowling or excursions. This way, members can feel relaxed, hangout and just have fun within the group.

3. Quality of profiles

Match presents a very modern but also sophisticated layout, making it easy for single seniors to navigate and understand it. Also, the site allows members to have a unique profile viewing experience, by letting them check their compatibility percentage into both profiles. This helps members to decide whether to take a closer look at a possible match or not.

Some other characteristics that better describe the quality of Match’s profiles is:

  • The profile information is very detailed.
  • Others can see when users were last active.
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free.
  • Members can upload up to 26 photos to their profiles.
  • Profile information can be changed or finished any time later.

Aside from the nice color combination of their profiles, they also appear to be very interested and intuitive about offering a safe environment to their members. In order to do this, the site carefully checks on every new profile and also, they encourage members to report and block any inappropriate behavior or content on the website.

4. Why premium is better

Having the possibility of making a profile, adding some pictures, and accessing the matching system are some of the features free membership account users have access to. But, if members want to have full interaction with their possible matches, like having conversations through the site or offline group activities, they will need to submit a paid membership account.

Here are some of the characteristics of both the plans:

Free membership account:

  • Searching matches.
  • Receive daily matches.
  • Sending winks and likes.
  • Access to the platform for an unlimited period.
  • Having access to other members’ photos and profile information.

However, the main limitation for this type of membership is not being able to communicate with those matches through the site’s platform.

Premium membership account:

  • Having access to privacy filters.
  • Sending and receiving messages through the site.
  • Notification when some else has viewed your profile.
  • Premium members rank higher in the searching filters of other users.
  • Full access to the Match Events feature, as well to all the other features.

As noticed, having a premium membership gives members the possibility to actually get in touch with those matches. After all, getting to know each other is the real purpose of creating an account in the first place, don’t you think?

5. My experience

First, I want to say, I know of several people who have met their spouses on I met my ex-boyfriend on Match. We dated for 8 years. We are still friends. Over time (I have never been married), I have Cancelled/Renewed my subscription with Match. I have never had a problem cancelling – Lilly on Consumeraffairs.

Here we collect some of the good and bad characteristics of the site for you to consider: 


  • A lot of amazing features and safety care.  
  • A wide-open variability of options within the free membership account.
  • Having the unique opportunity of going into offline activities with your equals.
  • Members receive daily recommendations for matches, based on their profile preferences.
  • Easy and friendly platform with a huge database available in about 30 different countries around the world.
  • The incredible six-month guarantee of trying six extra free months if you haven’t found someone.


  • Some other features, like Match Events, are only available for premium members.
  • Similar to other dating sites, sending and receiving messages is only available for premium members.
  • When finding some match, you can’t see whether they are premium members or not, so people might send messages to people who can’t respond back.
  • For some single seniors, having such a wide list of features and searching categories can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 
Match is a very nice and well-designed site that offers a lot of different features to their users, and most of it, a lot of compatible and successful matches, with incredible results through the past years. So, if you are looking for a place to meet quality prospects for your next chance in love, this is a very good option for you to try.
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