Best International Dating Sites

We can all agree that working up the courage to meet someone of the opposite sex or the same gender is nerve-wracking. You’re very aware of your personality and physical flaws, and you must feel comfortable enough with yourself to become vulnerable to others. Therefore, you want to find an attractive mate who will accept you for who you are.

When you paste your photos on international dating websites, at first, it feels like you’re selling yourself short. But, if you’re a busy professional, you realize it’s the quickest way to find fun chats without mixing with sweaty bodies in bars. Fortunately, public events and parties hosted by friends will help you feel more at ease talking with perfectly handsome strangers, yet there is another way – have an adventure with a foreigner.

Join international dating websites and decide what information to share in your profile. This will help you start a conversation. Your profile will also invite other men and women to message you if they feel there’s a common interest, or maybe they just want a brief liaison. It’s hard to tell. That’s why clear communication is critical to avoid misunderstandings.

What is the Best International Dating Site or App?

The most recent research on using an international dating website or app shows that most men and women use dating apps to find a sexual experience. They aren’t looking for a long-term partner. Therefore, you can test the big sites and see which one has all the features you want. Together2night, NaughtyDate, and Wantmatures are some of the biggest brands. There are also niche sites like AnastasiaDate and EuroDate to meet people of a particular background.

naughtydate logo

With your free account on this international dating website, you’ll go right to the Like Gallery and view pics of local guys and girls in your city or in any country of your choosing. It’s possible to find a boyfriend or girlfriend when you open your mind and recognize love when you see it.

Click on the picture of the person you like and read more about them. See who has viewed your profile, but subscribe for at least one day to read messages and reply to them. Use the Flirtcast to attract attention from multiple users at once. No app is currently available for Android or iOS.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 day $0.99 per day
  • 1 week $1.43 per day
  • 1 month $1.38 per day
  • 3 months $0.77 per day
wantmatures logo

Sometimes, you just want local mature singles to message and explore potential friendship or romantic connections. You might not fall in love or start dating international singles, but you can feel chemistry with a new person from another culture and get a chance to learn a new language.

Get to know them in intimate chats in these low-cost chatrooms and schedule a real-life meeting. If you’re always responding positively to people with similar goals for dating, then you can turn a brief flirtation into something more. Or, keep meeting singles until your soulmate finds you on You won’t find this site in an app version for iPhone or Android.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 day $0.99 per day
  • 1 week $1.43 per day
  • 1 month $1.38 per day
  • 3 months $0.77 per day
together2night logo

Inside every adult, there is a potential for finding love with an older partner. When you join, you can start private chats with adults over 40 and explore common interests. You might attract a person who feels the opposite of you, such as someone older or younger or someone living in a different country.

Younger members on the site will message you, but be clear about what you’re looking for, most likely just a mutual pleasure! There are no apps to download for a mobile device, but there is a mobile version of this international dating website.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 day $0.99 per day
  • 1 week $1.43 per day
  • 1 month $1.38 per day
  • 3 months $0.77 per day
eurodate logo

Expect to complete an extensive review of the pricing structure before completing the signup process. Join with a free account and look around, but you won’t be able to communicate with other members without a paid membership.

You will pay more to send pictures as attachments to emails, have a video chat or phone call, or do instant chat. Don’t forget to download the Apple or Android app for your smartphone.

Pricing Plans:

This site works differently. Members purchase monthly credits of minutes. Each type of communication costs a different amount per minute. For example, basic chat is 1 credit per minute, and two-way video chat is 6 credits per minute. An email is 10 credits each.

  • $49.99 = 150 credits per month
  • $149.99 = 600 credits per month
  • $299.99 = 1500 credits per month
anastasiadate logo

There is not enough time in the day to describe all the topics you can discuss with a hot single girl on, but here are our tips for this service to find yourself a beautiful Russian partner. Build a profile with the recent pics to show off your physique. Tell women what you want in a romantic partner and how much time you will make for the right person.

If you send a flirt, you’ll reach more members and tell them about why you would be a fun date. It takes longer to build a relationship internationally, and beware of catfishing; behind the profile, every Anastasia asking you for money for a ticket to the States can be Dimitri saving money for a new car!

Pricing Plans:

  • $49.99 = 150 credits per month
  • $149.99 = 600 credits per month
  • $299.99 = 1500 credits per month

How to Choose the Best International Dating Sites

The best multinational dating sites offer a simple experience where you log on and access all the chats your romantic heart desires.

Here are proven ways to choose the best site for your needs, which might change as you move in and out of new relationships:

  • Choose a site design that inspires intuitive navigation. Translation: You know where to click to use each function.
  • Find a membership subscription fee that fits your budget. If you must pay for six months or a year at once to afford their rates, choose an international dating website with a lower one-month fee.
  • Decide which international dating site might work. For example, to match with an athletic girl or a girl who often travels, then you need a dating site serving this smaller group.
  • Don’t be misled by a free trial membership. If all a free account lets you do is look around, you won’t get any dates out of it.
  • Don’t feel like you have to paste pictures of yourself in your underwear. You’re looking for a match who wants the whole package, not just a roll in the hay.

How Do International Dating Sites Work?

Using an international dating network means focusing on communication skills. Conduct quick interviews, exchange a few compliments. Dating international singles only comes after you get to see what they want in a partner, how much time they have for dating, and whether they are single.

For example, some apps show the people visiting your city, but they’re only on vacation. If you’re not looking for a long-distance relationship around the world or fling, focus on members of the dating site with compatible relationship goals. If she also wants to get married and have kids, she might be your lady!

Building connections takes time. By this, we mean that you send an initial message, you have a chance of getting a response, and, hopefully, you answer back. Some buzz must build between you and a potential match for anything more to happen. You must find something interesting to talk about.

For example, you both went through a breakup, or you’re both having a hard time meeting people locally. Another possibility is that you want to meet someone from a different culture. Say you went on a trip to India, and now you think it would be awesome to marry someone from that background.

Are There Any Free International Dating Sites?

It’s hard to find international dating sites that let you communicate for free. You will find a way to look at the site features, read the subscription plans, see limited details in user profiles, and understand the terms of service. You might even see who looks at your profile or sends a message.

If you can’t respond, then these little glimpses of what online dating might feel like are just teasers. On most sites, you won’t be able to build a relationship online if you don’t pay for messaging, or you will only send a few emails for free. Where would that lead?

Are Free International Dating Sites Good for Marriage?

International dating sites are helpful for you to meet someone who wants to move to your country and have a better life or invite you to escape to their turf from all the problems that surround you. To make it serious, show your future boyfriend or girlfriend your authentic self.

You must go the extra mile by paying more for communication and earning her trust. She wants to match with someone who understands her and tolerates her quirks. Therefore, use your pictures and words to present who you are, without sharing all your secrets, and see who responds in a positive way.

You don’t need to post pictures of yourself looking different than you do now because that will result in someone’s disappointment when you meet up in person. If you have trouble affording the video chats, save these for special occasions. The cost of some sites is so high for this service.

Succeed on Your First Date With an International Single

Going on a date can be terrifying. You can pick your best outfit and psyche yourself out that you’ll be meeting the potential partner of your dreams. It can go differently, especially if you don’t feel attracted to her within minutes of being there.

Just relax. You took many days to prepare for this meeting by traveling to her, bringing her to you, or meeting somewhere in between. If this relationship will develop, both of you must overcome your nerves and have a fun conversation.

Just go to meet her with an open mind and remember some things she told you during the online dating phase. If you have a couple of topics to bring up, maybe even your own interests, then the conversation will get off the ground. With dating internationally, chemistry is something you can’t predict. It just happens, or it doesn’t. Don’t force it.


There is nothing to lose by trying a free international dating site. Many users get discouraged when they don’t find dates or only meet people seeking hookups. They want someone to marry, but the search is long. That’s why singles join multiple sites, perhaps one at a time, until meeting the girl who fits their lifestyle.

Being an international single means joining larger dating networks and competing with other adults for the attention of the best girls, but some of the best dating sites we’ve reviewed here offer communication tools at a lower price.


Are international dating sites legitimate?

Sign up for dating internationally with top singles in foreign countries using your first name, location, email address, age, and orientation. Pictures might be required. Some sites have better privacy policies and pricing structures than others. While reading the legal terms of a free international dating site before finding your match, remember, it’s often cheaper to visit the country and meet people in local hotspots.

What dating site do they use on 90-Day Fiance?

On this TLC show, they use a variety of free international dating apps, but the most common brand is Internationalcupid.

How much do international dating sites cost?

These range from $20.00 per month to $300.00 per month. It is more cost-effective to have a monthly fee instead of buying credits.

How do you join an international dating site?

Simply provide your email address and a few personal stats. Confirm your email address by responding to the welcome message from the international dating apps and then follow their registration process.