Discover the Best Gay Dating Sites

A variety of gay dating websites offer the chance to sign up for a membership and capture the attention of singles in your city or community. However, it sucks to waste time sending messages that never get returned.

It pays to find a website with new matches in your age range, and we mean people who visit the site on a weekly basis and desire real dates. Without a good conversation, it is unlikely you’ll meet people in real life or find a relationship.

Another possibility is recognizing faces from the places you go on the weekend, and then you will know they are single.

It’s important to invest time in sending positive vibes out to the universe that you’re ready to form an attachment. In addition, it’s worth heating up your profile with new pictures and seeing what conversations you attract. Check out the stats on the websites we’ve reviewed below so you will feel comfortable sending messages and expecting something meaningful to come out of it, especially if you’re a hopeless romantic who believes in true love.

What are the Most Popular Gay Dating Sites?

The most popular sites for men provide the all-too-familiar swipe left, swipe right functionality, which usually leads to hookups or short-term relationships. However, some gay males also want friendships. If they are bicurious, they have many questions about gay dating.

They seek the anonymity of online communications, so they’re vague in their profiles. For more serious dating, you test the websites where members infuse creativity into their profiles. They invest time in conversations that evolve into meetings.

They value a good match, and they are patiently waiting for a good match while staying active in their community. Don’t just sit home. Find a new friend to grab a beer and watch a game!

gaysgodating logo

This niche dating site is the ticket to low-key dating for gay senior men and gays of all ages. It’s easy to upload photos and video clips and message others. While you can test the site for free, you need a membership for email and chat features.

With a free account, browse members in the Like Gallery and see who is online and visiting your profile. Presently, there are no apps on Google Play Store or the App Store.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 day $0.99 per day
  • 1 week $1.43 per day
  • 1 month $1.38 per day
  • 3 months $0.77 per day
gaystryst logo

Pasting your personal ad on gay dating websites like Gaystryst means that people can find your pic. If you’re not out, this is scary at first. Plenty of guys are here, so be descriptive in your profile to achieve success, that way, your potential gay partners will (and will want to!) see more than just your face and your shirtless pics.

Say something about what you want in a partner. Then, weed out the one-night stands and find a new best friend. You might get contacts from straights, gays, bi-curious, and pansexual adults. While there’s a large membership base, the gay-friendly atmosphere puts you at ease. No apps are presently offered for Android or iOS.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 day $0.99 per day
  • 1 week $1.43 per day
  • 1 month $1.38 per day
  • 3 months $0.77 per day
flirtymature logo 3

To flirt with hot eligible LGBT singles at Flirtymature, which is one of the gay dating sites for experienced singles, remember mature adults are more apt to be financially stable and know what they like. Having had several relationships, including winners and losers, they only make time for the right person.

This site specializes in gay senior dating. Of all the sites we’ve reviewed, it offers the simplest registration process, hassle-free chatting, and reasonable fees. You can’t find this network on the Google Play Store or the App Store at this time.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 day $0.99 per day
  • 1 week $1.43 per day
  • 1 month $1.38 per day
  • 3 months $0.77 per day
Elitesingles logo

This website has a straightforward design, an extensive personality test, and high-quality photos. It’s easy to see which members live nearby and align with your personality profile and interests. You will pay a hefty subscription to join as there are no good promos online. While you won’t get a sheer volume of matches, you will get more affluent professionals serious about finding love.

For successful gay guys, including senior gay men, this site may seem interesting but read the user reviews first, especially the bits about their slightly shady financial policy. Yet, there is a bright side - this service is available as an app for Android and iPhone.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 month $77.95 per month
  • 3 months $37.95 per month
  • 6 months - $21.95 per month
Iamnaughty logo 2

Some gay sites like Iamnaughty encourage naughty flirting and sharing racy photos. While there are guidelines for messaging and content uploads, they are moderated by the site admin.

Connect with all types of homosexual men seeking hookups, ranging from jacked to BBW, in your community. Single men like you crave new friends and hope that someone will take them seriously. Honestly, life is more fun with a plus one! Currently, there are no apps available for this network.

Pricing Plans:

  • 1 day $0.99 per day
  • 1 week $1.43 per day
  • 1 month $1.38 per day
  • 3 months $0.77 per day

How to Choose the Best Gay Dating Sites

Selecting the best from gay dating sites is important. As a single professional seeking romance, you don’t want to plaster personal photos all over the Web and attract creeps. You don’t want to get bombarded with lots of messages, which just make you feel rejected.

Instead, focus on one or two dating sites and build the right chats. If people don’t respond, then you go onto the next one. If you want a hookup, there is Scruff or Grindr. For serious dating, we’ve already described five better alternatives above.

Niche dating on these sites means you’ll meet a better match, but remember you must go through rejections first. Seek a platform with a low membership fee and an active user base. Choose sites and apps that let you assess these factors using a free profile.

How to Use a Gay Dating Site?

Choosing a gay dating site that fits your needs depends on your motivation. Are you seeking a gym partner to work out several nights a week? Do you want to take someone with you backpacking through Europe or on a transoceanic cruise? Gay guys have different needs to be met by a male partner.

Some needs change over time, but commonly involve intimacy, affection, friendship, passion, romance, and emotional support. Set your intentions for the ways a partner will enhance your life while being available to meet his needs. Therefore, be specific in your profile so singles who might like you will have enough information to decide if you’re a possible match. Don’t waste anyone’s time!

Profile Creation on Gay Dating Sites

Creating your profile on gay sites and social networks means building a reputation for being single and open-minded about who your next partner is. While you may recognize users who contact you from work or gayfriendly bars, this possibility depends on how big your city is.

You’re drawing from a smaller pool of potential dates, but transgender, bi, and curious men are dying to meet you for friendship or more. Even men attached to straight women have a gay fling here and there.

  • Create a profile with pictures that fit the site’s guidelines.
  • Add details about what you’re looking for, your lifestyle habits, and your interests.
  • Don’t exaggerate your physical stats.
  • Be specific if you have kids, children, roommates, or other factors that affect your dating life.

The Difference Between LGBTQ and Typical Dating Sites

When using typical dating sites, you’re swimming in a general pond of heterosexual people. You don’t worry that anyone will recognize you unless you’re in a relationship and seeking a lover on the side.

As part of the LGBTQ community, you might be out to your family and friends and there is less stigma associated with using gay dating apps. When you’re in the closet, putting your profile on a gay dating site feels awkward. You never know who will view your profile and tell everyone about your sexual orientation.

If you’re seriously wanting to date people nearby, gay dating sites help you use geographic matching. Apps facilitate instant messaging options with people who might actually meet for dates. While you should be honest in your profile, it’s understandable that many senior gay men do not post too much identifying information. Decide where you stand on this issue, and then build your profile per your comfort level.

Succeed on Your First Gay Date

Using gay websites to get back into the singles world is a challenge. You can put a lot of faith into a particular website or app and hope that you will have a new date on the weekend. However, it takes time to nurture conversations because many guys are shy and afraid to take risks. People have busy lives, and they want to feel confident about a date leading to something more.

If you read a person’s profile carefully and ask a few questions, you can determine if they might be compatible with your lifestyle. When you go on a date, take a shower and look your best. In this manner, you’ll allow the chemistry to have the best chance of emerging during the meet-and-greet.


Using gay websites constitutes a time investment, which could be spent attending events in the community, such as a cooking class or street festival. You could go to the gym or open mic night and meet new people. However, if you want access to more singles in one place and you’re tired of gay clubs, then dating apps are the fastest way to find introductions.


Are there any free gay dating sites?

There is a difference between getting a free membership to look around and being able to communicate with other users for free. Most websites offer the first option, so if you like the user base, then try the trial period the site offers.

Are there any gay dating sites for serious relationships?

Traditional websites like have made the messaging platform useful. You can see who messages you, read their profile, and decide whether to respond. There is no rush to meet, but it’s better to know who you’re talking to.

How to start gay dating?

Find a free or low-cost app, build a profile, and start communicating with a few single guys near you. If people don’t answer, that’s okay. Focus on people who contact you or vice versa.

Is gay dating difficult?

It’s hard to learn how to use gay dating platforms at first. While there are tutorials and FAQs to read, you don’t know what others will think of your profile. Include enough personal details, so your profile attracts attention.