10 Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

Fashion is just one more way of communication and expression of our personality and emotions through the way we wear clothes and accessories. So, there is no reason for limiting this facet for any one, especially not because of their age.

For women in their 60s and on, fashion is not about trying to look younger, instead, it’s about trying to look good, sophisticated, comfortable and to feel attractive enough for the opposite sex and themselves.

If you are a women on your 60s or over, and phrases like “I can’t find anything to wear!”, “women over 60s have no place in the fashion industry!”, “Fashion at the age of 60, it’s that even real?” have crossed your mind… make a pause, read this article and after all of this advice, reconsider. Because trust me, there’s a lot of options for you out there.

1. Be proud of your age, don’t try to look younger

Being a woman over 60 and trying to be someone you are not by dressing “younger” from what you really are, is one of the most common mistakes into this range of age. Women often feel afraid of being labeled as a boring or as an asexual and plain person.

On the contrary of what most people think, having 60 and on doesn’t necessarily have to be a restriction from looking fashionable and desirable.

dont try to look younger

Dressing yourself according to your age keeps people focused on your real attributes, like how great your new haircut goes on you or how healthy you look. Instead of getting distracted from the obvious inappropriate younger clothes selection.

2. Never out of style… a good pair of jeans

Jeans are never out of style and can be worn appropriately at really any age and for different types of occasions.

The advantage of jeans is that they can be matched with many items to prepare all kinds of styles, going from sophisticated to sporty and picnic day.

So, what’s the secret behind jeans?

Finding the right pair of jeans to embrace your figure and what goes with your age. Being an older women doesn’t implicate wearing high-waist and boring baggy jeans all the time. Take risks on trying something new that matches your personality and enjoy it!

pair of jeans example 1

3. A perfect classic… don’t forget your jacket

Being a woman over 60 doesn’t escape from this golden rule.

At least one type of jacket, from all the different types there are, is necessary in any woman’s closet.

use jackets

From the leader jacket, a jean jacket to a fleece jacket, there is an infinity of combinations and different ways to wear them. You can wear jackets with your jeans, skirts, dresses, pants, and just about everything.

The way they look with scarves… just adorable on 60+ women. Also, having the right jacket gives you the opportunity to wear your summer clothes into the winter… more and more advantages.

jeans jacket

4. Skirts + Sexy + Over 60… Still Works!

No matter which age or culture, skirts are always considered as a sexy icon of fashion and a very and unique female clothing article – except for those bagpipe singer Scottish boys, of course.

Wearing a skirt and having more than 60 is not a reason for you to use those boring, incredible long and extremely baggy skirts.

There are plenty of options to be comfortable and looking stylized and sophisticated at the same time as well as being a woman over 60. Going from an A-line skirt or skirt below the knee to a pencil skirt might be all very versatile options to wear with infinite tops.

full black dress
skirt with top
outfit with skirt

5. Winter or summer season?… scarfs work on both

Scarfs are a very popular accessory to wear by all type of women at all ages around the world. On women over 60, particularly, this accessory goes adorable. Doesn’t matter if is winter or summer, using a nice scarf will always give your outfit a nice and sophisticated touch.

The great thing about scarfs is their versatility for wearing them, since small tie-type scarfs around the neck for a day-summer look, to those heavy and large fleece-made scarfs for winter days, scarfs always makes women over 60 looks so stylish and fabulous.

So, don’t be afraid to pull out this amazing accessory from your closet and enjoy by trying the many ways to wear it.

scarf with sweater
scarf with kurta
scarf with skirt

6. Kimono jacket or cardigans? … Can’t decide!

Having a modest and comfortable look for daily life is also an option for women over 60.

Kimono jackets and cardigans are some perfect articles for you to combine, either with jeans having a more casual look-, dresses -maybe a date night with you partner or some friends- or just the classic and comfortable day look with some baggy pants.

The versatility of these accessories is also a characteristic to highlight, founding them into a huge variety of beautiful colors and prints, sizes and different textures.

Can’t decide which? Try them all (just not at the same time!).

7. Make it simple, keep it classic

Women in their 60s have a huge advantage by being able to choose those classics designs that never go out style and looking stylish, elegant and conservative as well.

Going for a simple summer day look wearing a black and white outfit to a khaki one, you can always bet on classic and simple looks as an intelligent option.

For some women over 60, fashion means going for the tendency on their favorite magazines and fashion icons… reality is that, sometimes, just by trying a more classic look will give you the extra edge you are searching for.

classic look
classic look example 2

8. Fashion icons… what to take

Women at all ages always have their fashion icons to admire and sometimes follow in their style and outfits. Nowadays, there is a huge influence of over 60 women in the entertainment and fashion world.

One of the most influential fashion icon of this generation is Meryl Streep, a beautiful and classic Hollywood icon that looks fantastic into her 60s, being an inspiration for all women.

Other fashion icons such as Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda are well recognized by their stylish and sophisticated looks at Hollywood events.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of fashion icons to see, enjoy watching their style and adopt the one that goes better with your personality.

follow fashion icons
tips from fashion icon dresses
senior fashion icon

9. Hair Style and Make Up, Perfect Accessories

For all women, hair and makeup are usually the best allies. The secret remains in how to use this powerful tool to our favor and not against us. Hair style and make up on over 60 women have changed over the past few years.

Less is more and keeping it simple and highlining the natural beauty all women have, is the best advice to follow.

Silver is the new black, so don’t be afraid to wear those grey hairs you have, after all, it only means you have lived, and this is a reason to be proud!

short silver hair

10. Dresses…

There are several styles when we talk about dresses… flare dresses, sleeveless, under the knee and on.

No matter the age, dresses are a “must-have” article in any woman’s closet for all kind of occasions.

An outdoor wedding, date night elegant event or just dinner on a regular day, the options, colors and textures are infinite.

Decide which one goes better with your personality, which one embraces your figure the best and which is the most appropriate for the occasion and enjoy this unique women’s article.

full black
summer skirt

Go fashion and embrace yourself, no matter what shape or age you are… It’s worth it!

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