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Relevant Questions About Your Sexuality After 50

Sex After 50

Sex After 50: Frequently Asked Questions by Mature Women

The golden age of 50 scares millions of women, especially the divorced or single ones. Dating is not a huge problem, but sex is. You often wonder if you can still perform well in bed at your age, or if you are still sexual. And to set your mind at ease, it is best to address your concerns and get your facts right so can start dating again.
What happens after menopause?

What happens after menopause?

Emotional changes are common after your monthly period permanently comes to an end. But more than that, your vagina is changing too. Your estrogen level goes down, and the tissues in your vagina loses their elasticity. That is the main reason why women over 50 refrain from dating, because they worry about vaginal dryness. But the fact is, you can do something about it. Purchase vaginal moisturizers or lubrication products to experience the beauty of sex even after 50.

I have abstained for a long time. Is it safe to have sex again?

If you have been out of the game for too long and just recently started dating again, then you need to start having sex soon. The lack of sex at your age causes the narrow decline of your vulva, and it shortens too. So if it has been really long, then you should consider using a vaginal dilator to avoid painful sexual encounters. Once you commence on dating, ask your sexual partner to take it slow at first in order to give time to your vagina to adjust. Afterwards, you can enjoy sex again without pain.

Is it normal to lose my appetite for sex?

As you reach 50, you libido takes a dive downwards, which makes you lose interest in sex. You may never get your usual sexual appetite back, but you must not stop dating. Pleasuring yourself and regular sex activities help in maintaining your drive for sex. So keep at it. Also, watching porn movies can help stimulate your sex hormones, so get yourself some XXX films. You can also subscribe to a porn website and feast your eyes on thousands of sexual acts.
Am I still susceptible to STDs?

Am I still susceptible to STDs?

There is no age limit to acquiring STDs, so make sure to always use protection while you are having sex. This is especially true when you are fond of different sexual partners. You can also try STD testing once you find a guy to have a serious relationship with. So to avoid STD, be picky when it comes to dating. Do not just let any man into your bed because you fear no one else will come. It is better to have a slow sex life than be active and get STD.
Are my sex positions limited now?

Are my sex positions limited now?

You may not be as athletic as before, but you still have the capability to perform excellently in bed. Of course, there would be some limitations since your body is not so flexible anymore. But you age must not hold you back in terms of dating and sex. Do your best to stay fit by engaging in a regular exercise routine, eating healthy foods, and staying away from a toxic lifestyle. At your age, you can start experimenting on new sex positions and have superior fun discovering your new skills.

Is it hard to find a date after 50?

Dating is an exciting phase in your life, no matter your age. It is somewhat difficult since there are younger women vying for the attention of men. But you have class and sophistication, so you actually the advantage. Plus, your experience in sex is vast and many younger men crave to get a glimpse of that sexual knowledge. But if you are not getting any success finding a lover in a traditional way, then explore the online dating world. Gain access to hundreds of male personals by signing up at the best adult dating sites. Through this path, you can experience how special sex can be after 50. So indulge in your sexual fantasies with younger men starting today. Simply register online and meet your dating matches.