Best Dating Sites for Conservatives

As a conservative, also referred to as a right-winger, supporting the preservation of preexisting conditions and institutions or showing restriction to change by holding firmly to traditional value can come with its set of challenges.
In this day and age, where many people are brain-washed to being leftist or far-leftist, it only gets harder to find similar-minded conservatives that hold the same values. However, conservative dating sites are here to change the face of how Republicans date once and for all. This is one change that conservatives won't back down on.

Do Dating Sites Work for Conservatives?

As a conservative, it's no doubt one would question the integrity of something that brings change to the preexisting condition of how things run within the conservative dating scene. These suspicions are useful when it comes to online dating. One can never be too cautious of what they sign up for on these conservative dating sites.
However, it is not to undermine that these conservative dating platforms have brought like-minded Republicans together and have played a significant role in creating conservative families. Just like any platform, leftist and rightist don't mix well. There is always some or the other conflict occurring. That is why these conservative dating platforms provide an outlet for Republicans to meet and date in harmony.
Flirt logo isn't necessarily a dating platform made exclusively for conservatives. Still, it has a large userbase of more than 2 million individuals where you're sure to meet someone of the same thinking as you. There are more women on here than men; the ratio is 3:2.
A few of the free features on that may increase the chance of scoring a date include:
  1. Favorites List
  2. Send Winks
  3. Like Gallery
  4. Basic Search
The pricing for premium packages are decent and can further improve your chances of scoring a date with a conservative single. These packages are:
  • One month for 28.80 USD
  • Three months for 48.60 USD
  • Twelve months for 95.94 USD
Cupid logo is a site loved by many conservatives and has over 10 million individuals on it. The website has mostly male members accounting for 65, and the remaining 35% belong to women. The age groups most commonly seen on Cupid are 25-35 and 40+.
There are several free-to-use services that non-paying members can take advantage of, some of which include:
  1. Extensive match algorithm via quizzes
  2. Abundant chatrooms
  3. The basic search filter
If the basic membership doesn't help you, you can always upgrade to premium. The pricing for these subscriptions are as following:
  • Three days for 2.97 USD
  • One month for 23.99 USD
  • Three months for 62.37 USD
  • Six months for 95.94 USD
Republicanpeoplemeet logo is a platform designed exclusively for conservatives. It has about 1.5 million individuals registered there, out of which 60% are women and 40% are men. Most of its members are in their 30s and 40s.
The services all individuals can use without paying a dime are:
  1. Send Likes
  2. Basic Search
  3. Send Messages
Pricing for a premium membership on is similar to the general plans on other platforms. These include:
  • A 1-month plan worth 29.96 USD
  • A 6-months plan worth 90.00 USD
You can also purchase coins-plan, these include:
  • 25 coins for 0.99 USD
  • 110 coins for 3.99 USD
  • 280 coins for 9.99 USD
Okcupid logo

OkCupid is a platform widely used by many, having over 30 million members on it. Amongst these accounts, 65% belong to males, and 35% belong to females. OkCupid is well-known for its free features, which include:
  1. Free messaging
  2. Basic search filter
  3. Advanced match algorithm
The pricing for premium subscriptions on OkCupid is divided into two categories.
Basic plan:
  • One month for 7.95 USD
  • Three months for 19.05 USD
  • Six months for 23.70 USD
Premium plan:
  • One month for 24.90 USD
  • Three months for 68.70 USD
  • Six months for 119.40 USD
Wearerighter logo

Wearerighter, also known as Righter, is developed for matching like-minded conservatives. The website has more than 4 million accounts. Out of these accounts, 50% belong to females, and 50% belong to males. The website is popular amongst young conservatives.
Righter is well-known for its free features such as:
  1. Free limited messaging
  2. Easy swipe for matching
  3. Sending likes
The pricing for premium packages of Wearerighter include:
  • Righter Luxe for $9.99/month
  • Righter Medical for $29.99/month
  • Thank You for Service (for war veterans) for $0.00


Seniordatingxp is a website that contains the answer to every question you've ever had or will have regarding dating. The site is primarily visited by senior people getting back into the routine of dating. Our dating tips are some of the best out there and have even helped senior conservatives find love without any hassle.
We've got dating experts that have excellent knowledge of the psychology and personality behind successful dating. No two conservatives think the same hence our dating experts provide the best-catered articles where users can learn and gain a lot that can be applied to their dating life.

Free Apps for Conservative Dating

Apps make meeting conservatives on the go easy. Now you no longer have to sit long hours in front of your PC or laptop to meet a long-term partner. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about missing out on a message from an eligible single.
Here we've combined a short list informing whether there is a free app available of the abovementioned conservative dating site:
  • — has no mobile app available for download; however, there is a mobile-based web version.
  • — unfortunately, Cupid only has an iOS app available.
  • — currently, there is no app available for either iOS or Android users.
  • — fortunately for conservatives, OkCupid has its app available on both Google play store and Apple App Store.
  • Wearerighter — has a downloadable app available for both iOS and Android users.

Top 6 Ways to Stay Safe When Dating Online

Safety is a top priority when dating online (especially when you are conservative) since there can be some heated scenarios when encountering people with a different mindset. You can never be too safe online. Here are our top 6 ways of staying safe when dating online as a conservative.
  1. Never give out personal information such as your home address or work address to someone you've just met on a conservative platform.
  2. Always have a video call with the person you're going to meet before the in-person encounter. You never know who you're about to meet.
  3. When deciding a first date spot, always choose a public area with lots of people. This ensures a safe getaway if you're ever in a pickle.
  4. Let a friend or family member know who you're meeting and where. This way, if you're ever late, there will be someone to check up on you.
  5. Carry a pepper spray with you. This might sound extreme, but you know how dangerous it can get when online dating if you're a female.
  6. Stay sober and always keep an eye on your drink if you ever decide to have an alcoholic drink or two. Doing so is essential because date-rape drugs are real, and being safe is better than being sorry.

Top 4 Dating Tips for Conservatives

Dating as a conservative is no different than conventional dating. The only difference is you're more about the personal political views instead of looks. Thus, dating tips that generally apply for typical meetings apply for conservative dating as well.
  1. Don't try too hard to be a people pleaser. If you're not true to yourself or your views don't match your partner's, it might help you initially. However, there will be clashes in the long run, and the relationship is sure to fall apart eventually.
  2. Don't argue whose view is right and whose is wrong; it's a date, not a debate. Let loose for one day and enjoy the presence of your love interest without involving politics.
  3. Choosing the right spot for your meet-up is very crucial to the progression to the second date. If your first choice is something that doesn't line up your partner's interest, sure enough, there won't be a second chance.
  4. Know what you want. Simply having a conservative partner won't make the relationship work. There is more to a relationship than only similar opinions. Without a clear idea, you'll hit a dead-end very early.

Creating an Eye-Catching Profile for a Conservative

As mentioned numerous times within this article, no two conservatives are the same. Thus, you must know what you are looking for and stick to it. This translates equally well onto your profile. If your thought process works a certain way, make sure you've got the necessary information on display for other members, so you don't waste your and their time.
Most importantly, don't lie about anything. Honesty is an essential element of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Make sure your profile picture isn't ten years old, and your age is real. Fake it until you make it doesn't work on dating websites.