Dating after 50 – (Kids, Sex…15 Myths Busted!)

dating after 50s

Dating over 50 can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. You know more about yourself, what you want of life and of a relationship. But it can be challenging too. There are a lot of misconceptions about men and women dating over 50. 

Many assume they’re more committed, mature, and ready for a relationship, or that they’re possibly looking for someone younger. But are they?

Here are some of the most famous myths of dating after 50s

Myth #1:  Having children makes things more difficult 

Having children or not doesn’t have to be a problem when dating after your 50s. The truth is that this particular situation leads you with special needs, but it doesn’t necessarily make it harder or impossible to achieve.

An important thing to keep in mind as a partner of a senior single parent is that they might have ended their bond with their past marriage but the bond with their kids remains forever. This means there are certain responsibilities and obligations- economical and emotional ones- they need to fill. 

Myth #2:  Over 50 seniors are no longer interested on sex

One thing is true about this myth. Along with aging, there are some functions in our bodies that might change. Constantly, sexual function doesn’t escape from this reality. Medical conditions like menopause or impotence can reduce sexual activity in this range of age.

However, personal interest remains intact in most people this age. As a result, a lot of seniors, despite these situations stay active when sex is involved and they still enjoy it.

Myth #3: Over 50 seniors are seeking for someone to support them financially

Men and women over 50s, as other groups of age too, are looking for someone equally financial stable as them. This doesn’t necessarily a wealthier partner. They expect their partner will take care of their own financial responsibilities and also will be able to share their time together openly, without restrictions.

For a senior single, as a consequence of the free time from work and the better economic status, they are interested in spending life in a different way by doing some traveling and outdoor recreation activities. 

Myth #4: Over 50 daters become less selective

Not at all! The truth is that, generally, men and women over 50 are mature persons who know what they want; what they need and what is good and bad for them. In fact, they are still as demanding as they used to be back on their 20s and 30s or even more.

Over 50 seniors still want someone good looking and, maybe the most important, they demand some very specific personality features. They will not just give up now that they have the whole scenario so clear!

Myth #5: Over 50 seniors are more mature in the dating field

Generally, men and women over 50 are certainly more mature from what they used to be and from what those in their 20s and 30s are today. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, particularly with men. There are some men who keep this immature behavior, treating women disrespectfully.

The truth is that, no matter what age we are talking about, there is always some group of people with unresolved issues that keep them in an immature status, which makes it difficult for them to value relationships.

Myth #6:  Daters in their 50s are looking for someone their own age

For most seniors, this is the truth, mostly when talking about women. However, this can also vary for men. Men can go for a more physical connection, so they might be attracted to a younger woman. Another reason for this is, sometimes, men over 50 are still interested on having kids and they expect to find a younger woman for this purpose.

Myth #7: Over 50 men are more interested in younger women

This could be the truth for a lot of men in their 50s out there. As a behavior of men generally, they feel more attracted to women due to their physical appearance. On the other hand, there are plenty of men who are also interested in dating someone their age.

For this type of man, it is obvious that age is really just a number, so they are looking at other features in a woman, such as maturity and personality.

Myth #8:  Seniors don’t need love in their lives

No matter the age or gender, everybody needs to be loved and everyone wants to find love! Going from family and friendship type of love to a romantic one, love remains throughout our lives. 

For those senior singles, the love search is not over. No matter which situation is the situation – divorced, widowed or unlucky so far- there’s still a chance for them to find it. All they have to do is look closely and in the right place.

Myth #9: Over 50 seniors are only interested in getting married

Dating doesn’t have to be about looking for a husband, a wife or even having a commitment, it can also mean just looking for a friend, companionship or someone to spend time with. Although many single seniors desire to be loved and having someone next to them, many others don’t think about marriage as an institution anymore.

One of the advantages of dating over 50 is that, in most cases, seniors already had children in their past marriages. Therefore, dating is a new opportunity to live life being more respectful of their needs and to what they want for themselves.

Myth #10: Single seniors aren’t healthy

As a result of the medical advances, people in their 50s are healthier than what you might expect! This increase in life expectancy combined with the increase of divorce acceptance these days, leads us to a bigger over 50 population out there, trying to find a new opportunity in the dating and love field.

Myth #11: Senior singles don’t have standards.

Not at all! If there is something we need to highlight about single seniors is their self-confidence. They have reached this point in life by having all kinds of experiences and relationships! In fact, far from having low standards, over 50 daters consider themselves pickier than when they were younger.  

Myth #12:  Men still love the chase.

Over 50 single men are quite different from what they used to be in their 20s and 30s. For most seniors, chasing after women is no longer a valuable thing for them to do. .Maturity in the older years has put men in a different position, not feeling the need to go after many women. Instead, they are searching closely and carefully. As a plus, the today over 50 man has more responsibilities and less time than before, not letting them much free time for the chasing game. 

Myth #13: Over 50 singles are closed-minded.

On the contrary. Nowadays, most single seniors consider themselves open-minded persons and appreciate this quality in others. It might be because they have only had calmed and non-adventurous relationships so far and would like going for something new and unexplored for the next relationship they embark on.

Myth # 14: Senior singles want to date someone thin

Being overweight is a real and very common problem we deal with as humans. If you look closely, most people aren’t in shape and yet, they have a relationship. For most senior singles, physical appearance is not a limitation – at least not as important as for younger age groups.

As part of their experience and maturity, senior singles understand that the principal thing they need for someone in a relationship is a good connection trough their values, needs and desires for the years to come.

15.  Myth #15: Over 50 daters are no longer interested in commitment

While some seniors are open to all kinds of options in the dating field, like companionship, travel friend or just casual encounters, most single seniors are actually going after the idea of getting back to the romantic long-term relationship type. What they are really interested in is a meaningful connection based on their needs and tastes.

So don’t believe any myths out there and just go on the adventure, keep in mind what you’re looking for and go for it. Remember to have fun and forget about preconceived notions. The world is out there waiting for you!

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