Dating After 50 Rules – 10 Tips For Dummies!

dating after 50s rules

Contrary to what people might think, dating is not really that different as the age range changes.  

Dating and being over 50 has some similarities from what dating during your 20s and 30s is, but at the same time, there are some specific things to highlight for this specific range of age.

As is normal, at almost all aspects of life, there are some things that help – some must DO things- and other things that are better to avoid, those DON’T things”.

Whether you’re new at the dating after 50 field or if you have been here for a while now, keep reading this article and find out about some of those things you should and shouldn’t do when dating after 50.  

15 Rules For Dummies For Dating After 50:

1. Don’t hide from the world

Being at home all the time, not giving you the opportunity to show yourself out there, makes it a really difficult task for other senior singles to find you. Even though staying at home and watching your favorite TV show is a great thing to do, don’t let this become your daily plan, go outside and shine!

2. Be confident and make the first move.

The traditional belief that men should take control and do the first move is, in the present world, old fashioned. On the contrary, everyday men appreciate more the idea of a woman who takes control and makes the first move. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, showing yourself as a secure person, confident enough to go after what you want and are interested in first, can be a very attractive thing to add.    

3. Don’t put your expectations too high, nobody is perfect

Having a vision of what you want in a partner is a very important thing for you in order to start dating. On the other hand, having excessively high expectations of what you want might have a bad impact on your possibilities to find a senior single to start a relationship with.

By strictly selecting your ideal date type, you can actually miss on a lot of interesting and very good matches out there. So, being an “open” person might increase your opportunities, Don’t say no too quickly. 

4. Do pay attention to details- listen closely

By paying attention to details you show how interested you are in the other person. Little details as taking interest in what they say by listening actively or asking questions can make the difference in your date. It can go from being a boring and uncomfortable one to an interesting and funny one, and -hopefully- leads you to a second one.  

5. Don’t worry about age -theirs or yours

In the present, dating and age are no longer as relevant as it used to be. Being over 50 and wanting to start dating again doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Either if you are interested in dating people over 50 too or younger, don’t take age as an obstacle for you to try, instead, take it as an opportunity. Out there, there are a lot of people -all ages included- who truly appreciate the experience that being over 50 brings. So, play it to your favor!

6. Do stay positive.

Even if you had bad experiences dating in the past, going for new opportunities now, when you are over 50, doesn’t have to be the same for you as it was in the past. So, go out, take some risks and stay positive. After all, remember that everything is about the attitude in life and that we attract what we reflect.  

7. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, be proud of who you are

It doesn’t matter if you are trying online or offline dating, being yourself is always an essential thing to keep in mind. Going on a date by pretending to be someone else can cause serious problems for the next dates or even for a relationship. You will be showing yourself as someone you are really not from the beginning and problems come after. Be proud of who you are and show your true colors! They’re beautiful.

8. Do go outside

If you are not into online dating and you prefer some classical encounters for meeting new people, going out of your comfort zone is the best option to start with. There are plenty of activities that people over 50 can do, such as taking painting classes or subscribing to reading groups that will increase the opportunity to meet other senior singles. And, as a plus, they will also have fun and learn a new thing or two by doing it. So, don’t be afraid and DO go outside.

9. Don’t give a wrong image of your age

Trying to look good is a very important thing to achieve in every first date. We all care about giving a good first impression by the way we look. A common mistake of senior singles is wearing clothes and accessories that will make them look younger from what they really are. This is more a negative thing than a positive one. Most of the time this gets too obvious and your partner will find out. As a result, the message you transmit is that you are not proud and confident enough of who you are and your age. So, put that feeling outside and be proud of your age!

10. Do stay open-minded

Select all those things that are non-negotiable for you, such as economic independence, good manners and values, and on… whatever you consider important. For the rest, stay open to all kind of looks, interests, backgrounds, and age. Dating as a senior is different from dating as younger people in their 20s or 30s because at this point priorities are quite different.

And finally, don’t put limitations on your expectations in life, no matter what situation you are living. You definitely deserve to be happy and you should go for it.

Don’t doubt it and Do it right!

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