Best Cougar Dating Sites

A woman who loves a younger man was once seen as a weird happening. Even now, there are plenty of people who'd like to agree that older men and younger women make a better pair. However, times have changed. You'll even find young lads wanting to date and hookup with a MILF.
Nowadays, there are several dating sites where older women can find themselves an eligible young man to date or hook up with. With that being said, which provides the friendliest dating experience for cougar dating, how is it better than the other? In this review, we take a closer look at all these questions and answer them for you.

Do Dating Sites Work for Cougars?

Cougar dating sites function like any other generic one out there. However, there's one difference between them, and that's the audience they cater to. Cougar dating is explicitly made for cougar women who want to date young men and young men seeking to date MILFs.
However, with every dating platform, one has to be vigilant regarding who you began your conversation with and how openly you speak with them. There are plenty of scams on the web. You'll find yourself surrounded by escorts and other individuals luring you to purchase their services on platforms that are entirely free to use.
Thus, we have carefully handpicked only the best cougar dating platforms for you to try out without any worries of being scammed.
Flirtymature logo is an adult dating platform designed for a more mature dating experience. The website has over 1 million registered individuals, out of which 70% are senior males and 30% are females. The demographics of Flirtymature show us that it isn't ideal for cougar dating, as few to no younger men are on the site.
Few free features that individuals can use are:
  1. Like Gallery — essentially a hot or not game where users can swipe and mark profiles as cute or not based on their display picture
  2. Flirtcast — this feature lets you send website-generated questions to multiple users at once
  3. Basic Search Filter — lets you narrow down your searches based on specific criteria made available to you
The pricing for premium on is close to the average dating platform. These include:
  • A 1-week membership for 7.00 USD
  • A 1-month membership for 28.80 USD
  • A 3-month membership for 48.60 USD
Benaughty logo is a website where both single and married users can join to find themselves a partner to carry out a sexual relationship. Some users here are in search of MILFs, while others are a cougar. It has more than 2 million individuals registered from all over the world.
Most accounts belong to females (60%) in their 20s and 30s, so the competition between cougar is something you don't have to worry about. Few of the free services members can take advantage of include:
  1. Send Winks — you can send winks to other members to show your interest in their profile
  2. Messaging is completely free for female users, giving cougars an advantage
  3. Add members to the favorites list, so you don't have to research accounts that grab your attention
The pricing for premium plans on is the following:
  • One week for 1.00 USD
  • One month for 28.80 USD
  • Three months for 48.60 USD
WantMatures logo is a dating platform catered towards mature dating. It has over 1.5 million users registered online, out of which 50% are men in their 40s, and 50% are women in their 30s and 50s. The competition for cougar dating hence is very high.
Amongst the services available for members to avail, the top three are:
  1. Winks — send winks to users to show your interest in them.
  2. Like Gallery is much like Tinder's matching algorithm.
  3. Basic Search — lets you narrow down and filter profiles using few criteria.
Pricing for premium package:
  • A 1-month package for 41.40 USD
  • A 3-month package for 69.30 USD
  • A 6-month package for 111.60 USD
Flirt logo

Women loved for the complimentary services it provided the users with, and it still somehow managed to keep its loyalty amongst customers. The site has over 1 million registered users. 60% are women in their 20s and 30s, and 40% male members. isn't necessarily a platform developed for cougar dating or MILFs, but its demographics seem to favor the niches. Moreover, there are free features that one may use, including:
  1. Chatrooms — join various chatrooms to communicate with other members and discuss specific topics
  2. Winks — send winks as a way of flirting and showing others your interest in them
  3. Flirtcasts — send a single flirty message to several users at once
Pricing for premium on Flirt is as the following:
  • A 1-week package worth 6.01 USD
  • A 1-months package worth 28.80 USD
  • A 3-months package worth 48.60 USD
Cougarlife logo is a website made exclusively for cougar relationships. It has more than 5 million profiles actively using the website, amongst which the majority belongs to men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s (70%). The demographics highly favor cougar women, as many young cubs are looking for a MILF to date.
The top 3 free features that all members love are:
  1. Ability to access a few profile pictures of other members
  2. Flirt — you can flirt with other users by sending winks
  3. Blogs — access valuable dating tips and tricks from other cougar members successfully involved in a relationship offers several premium plans for its users to purchase. This possibility provides the users an opportunity to enhance their online experience. The packages include monthly plans and credit plans:
Monthly plans:
  • One month for 40.00 USD
  • Three months for 87.00 USD
  • Twelve months for 144.00 USD
Credit plans:
  • 1-month subscription gives 100 free credits
  • 3-months subscription gives 500 free credits
  • 12-months subscription gives 3,000 credits

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Are There Any Free Apps for Cougars?

Several cougar dating sites have free-to-use apps available for their members to download. It doesn't matter what operating system you have; be it Android or iOS, a good cougar site caters to everyone.
Even if they don't have a mobile app available for a free download, there's a web-based mobile-friendly alternative that users can take advantage of. From the list above, these are the following cougar dating sites that offer a mobile app:
  • (available on Google Play)
  • (available on both Google Play and App Store)

What are a Cougar and Cub?

The term "cougar" is classically used to define and identify older women to pursue dating and indulging in a relationship with a much younger male. Typically a cougar is a woman in their 30s-50s or above interested in lads as young as 20. However, there isn't any strict ruling on how old or how young one has to be to fit the tag.
It's to be noted that "cougar" isn't a standard term but rather slang used to refer to and label people; some might take it as an offense when referred to as "cougar." Other words people use to address a cougar can be with the use of "MILF".
On the other hand, a cub is any young gentleman that's romantically or sexually involved with a cougar. A cub is often used as an affectionate term. However, the use of "cub" is a rare sighting.

Do's and Don'ts on a First Cougar Date

Online dating isn't easy. However, there are several tips and tricks you can save up your sleeve and use in times of need. Here are some which you can take advantage of:
  • This one's for the boys; don't feel pressured to perform a certain way to woo a cougar. Trying too hard can be a turn-off, be your natural self and go with the flow.
  • Don't waste time if you aren't willing to commit to a cougar. Every cougar isn't in search of a sexual relationship. Some are looking for a long-term partner, so be sure to be loyal when the time comes.
  • Cougar women shouldn't wait for the man to make the first move. Your experience in dating puts you above them, hence providing an advantage.
  • Don't jump into a cougar's dating life if you aren't sure which cougar to settle for. There are two main types. There are the alpha and the beta; know which one you want to settle for before diving in.
  • Do ask questions. Dating a cougar isn't easy, but it isn't challenging either. These women know what they want and aren't afraid to teach a thing or two when needed.

Creating a Dating Profile as a Cougar Single

To score on any dating platform, one needs to have an eye-catching profile. Below are some useful tips you can utilize.
Add a profile picture that makes people want to come back. A classy profile picture goes a long way. Cougars aren't looking for immature boys; make sure you don't give off such vibes when choosing your image.
The next crucial aspect of your account is your profile description. Don't begin to write a complete autobiography. Write just a few sentences that give a hint of your personality. However, it shouldn't take away the mysteriousness completely.