Christian Mingle Review: Scamming or True Love?

ChristianMingle is worldwide known as the #1 online dating site for Christians, with the largest database around the world. The site specially caters for those men and women who are looking for a serious relationship based essentially in their religious beliefs and faith. 

1. Sign-up process

ChristianMingle is particularly designed for seniors over 40, which might not be as tech-savvy as teens are. Attending to this, the site’s sign-up and profile creation process is very simple.

Christian Mingle Review

The site doesn’t include a personality test as a requirement to create a profile, as many other online dating sites do today. Instead, they have created a straightforward questionnaire about their members’ qualities, such as commitment, religious, beliefs, family and marriage.

Here are the steps users need to follow through the sign-up process:

  • Choose a username. Here, users can be as creative as they want. 
  • Users can sign up using either their email or their Facebook account.
  • Upload a profile picture. At least one picture is required in order to continue with the sign-up process.
  • Fill up a form with personal information.  Some of the basic questions are about marital status, church affiliation, occupation, whether they have or not and so on.
  • Then, users have the option to openly write a short summary about themselves. This is an opportunity to grab the attention of other members by highlighting the most attractive traits about your personality.
  • Next, the site allows members to filter their matches, according to some characteristics like age, gender, religion, distance and so on.

The entire process will only take about 3-5 minutes to complete. Also, during the process, the site will show users a progress bar so they can be aware of how far they are on every step of the road.

2. Features

As part of the simple design the entire ChristianMingle’s platform offers, their features list is not much large. They really focus on helping those men and women seeking a second chance in love with their faith and God as the center of their relationships, rather than developing flashy features. 

christianmingle features

For some users, this “lack” of innovative features might be boring, while for others, this characteristic is appreciated. It might make it easier for them to be centered on finding the right person to spend the rest of their golden years with, instead of being distracted on the website.

However, the site does own a unique and distinguished feature: an online magazine, Believe. Specially developed to share all type of contents, going from relationship advice, Christian weddings, marriage, diverse Christian dating articles and so on.

Also, ChristianMingle takes safety very seriously. Therefore, they have created a special alert system. This way, when users start browsing on the site, they are asked to take a pledge, so they won’t divulge any financial information, and to report any suspicious profile on the website.

3. Quality of profiles

The site’s design is as simple as it can get. Even so, their profiles are very informative. They don’t spend much effort on creating incredibly striking profiles, but they do put a lot of work on creating very informative ones.

christianmingle profiles

By creating detailed profiles, they make sure that anyone who reads any other member’s profile will get the most of their personality, likes, dislikes, habits, desires and so on. Even though for some users the questions on profiles might be limited, no doubt they are wide enough to show others what they first need to know about them.

Taking into consideration that most of ChristianMingle’s members are single seniors, having a friendly and simple layout is quite a plus. All tabs and platform’s buttons can be accessed very easily and directly, without redirection pages or complicated tab routes.

Some of the characteristics that describe the quality of ChristianMingle’s profiles are:

  • The profiles are very detailed.
  • Up to 6 photos can be uploaded.
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free.
  • All profile information can be changed or finished any time later.

Also, the site owns a very efficient profile security verification system and suspends immediately any fake profiles detected, in order to ensure security for their members.

4. Why premium is better

ChristianMingle offers its users the possibility to create a profile and even search for matches without additional cost. But, in order to start sending messages to those matches, members need to upgrade their free membership to a paid one. premium

Having a serious relationship needs commitment. By owning a premium account -and being able to send and receive messages- members will show enough interest in actually finding someone on the site, rather than just browsing around.   

Here we collect some of the main characteristics that describe both accounts:

Free membership account:

  • Sign-up and profile creation.
  • Browsing for matches on the website.
  • Users can see who liked them and visited their profiles.
  • Sending smiles to show first interest and as an icebreaker.
  • Users are able to see other members’ profile pictures, as well as their profile information.

Premium membership:

  • Have access to the Believe magazine.
  • Users can hide their online status if they want it.
  • Receive a notification when their messages have been seen.
  • Send and receive messages from other premium members. Although, a premium member can receive messages from both paid and free members.

As an additional advantage of being a premium member, after uploading their accounts, they can fill out their profile with even more details about them, such as favorite music, food, schools attended, fashion sense, among others.

5. My experience

The Christian Mingle site was easy to navigate and the type of match was relevant to what I had wanted. The type of person I met was screened, suitable and with similar interests. He was a nice, kind gentleman and we got along as well as could be expected on a first meeting and we seemed to like each other. Everything went in harmony as could be imagined and there was a satisfying experience overall. – Sarah quoted on Consumers Affairs.

However, if you’re a senior singles, I would recommend you checking better alternatives here.

Here, some of the pros and cons you need to consider before joining the site:


  • The app is available for Android.
  • Sign-up and profile creation are for free.
  • Features and layout design are pretty basic and friendly.
  • Their strict verification system ensures all users are legitimate and that there’s no inappropriate content.
  • ChristianMingles is by far, the largest based -and the most popular one- for Christian-oriented single seniors.
  • The site attracts high-quality prospects for long-term and serious relationships who might base their relations in faith and God.


  • Sending and receiving messages through the platform requires a paid membership.
  • For some users, mostly the youngest ones, the site’s design, and features might be quite outdated.
  • The site remains as a strictly heterosexual-oriented online dating site, not giving members the possibility to browse potential partners within their same gender. This might be quite limiting for those single seniors with different sexual preferences interested in finding someone with their same religion and beliefs.
ChristianMingle isa good option for the young & senior men and women seeking for potential life partners with faith in God as a center in their relationships. For most people, especially the youngest ones, the site’s design, and features might be too simple. But the reality is that the site caters the most for creating a strong connection rather than other distractions. On the other hand, the site not only helps members to find their ideal one but also, they can find friends, companions, partners for religious activities and so on.
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