The 10 Best Senior Dating Sites of 2019

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Are you retired? Divorced after your 50s? You think there is no longer any opportunity for you in online dating as a senior?

If you answered yes to any of these questions –or to all of them- then keep reading, this article might be just right for you.  As a consequence of better live expectations, longevity and a much bigger acceptance of the idea of divorce, senior single population over 55 is one of the faster growing demographic. 

According to the United States Census of 2017, there are 19.5 million unmarried U.S. residents age 65 and older. The general unmarried population rose to 63.5%. Of this, 23.1% are divorced and 13.4% were widowed. 

The more interesting fact?

Pew Research Center recently published that 12% of seniors ages 55 to 64 admits using online dating sites, as compared to only 6% in 2013. 

So, If you think having a divorce and being a senior is the end of your love era, think again. Here’s some information about the best senior dating sites. All you have to do is choose which one adjusts to your needs the most just get ready to meet new and interesting people. 

Best Senior Dating Sites of 2019:

1. Senior Match

SeniorMatch remains as the best senior dating site for seniors over 50, being in the senior dating field for over 18 years so far. The site offers the possibility of online dating within a specific age group of 50 years and over. SeniorMatch offers free standard membership with paid upgrades if you want them. 


This site gives members the possibility of dating only with single seniors over 50 years of age. That way you can make sure you’re meeting others that are looking for experienced people, just like you. Even though most common users are Americans, this is a very popular dating site among a large list of other countries all over the world, so if intercultural dating is your thing, this is a good place to start with.    


  • SeniorMatch not only gives the user the opportunity to find a dating match, but also Travel Mates, Companionships and all kind of Activity partners.


  • This site is restrictive about dating people with similar age range, if you are over 50 but your dating interests go for a younger rate of age, this might not be the site for you.

2. OurTime

If you are seeking for a huge database of members all over the world, and increase your opportunities into the senior dating field, OurTime might be your best option.

They prioritizes the common interest of users according to their age bracket, so you can trust the platform selection and all you need to do next is enjoy the chatting and meeting. They also include two other senior dating platforms: SeniorPeopleMeet and SeniorMeet, so you can automatically upload at both sites by becoming an OurTime member with no additional charge. 


  • Contains a friendly platform for several communications options, in which Live chat conversation is the most highlighted.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to be unavailable for chatting if you don’t feel like it at that specific moment, being able to enable the option by just clicking a dot in your screen device.


  • There are certain functions of their platform that need to be checked every time you log in, as the availability for chatting at the moment. This does imply a constant setting of your preferences.

3. eHarmony

Remains as one of the most popular and with a large trajectory into the dating field sites. It was funded in 2000 and it has been growing progressively, in special interest for the Senior Singles over 50 years.

They were pioneers into a very sophisticated scientific program to matching compatible singles, based on more than 20 different dimensions of compatibility that makes highly possible a good match. They also allow members to decide from variable groups, including age ranges. So, if you are interested on finding someone to be with and you would like to select and specific demographic, eHarmony it’s your best choice. 


  • It makes the online matching way easier by leading you to select your best dating prospect from a list selected specifically for you. This is done according to your answers to their compatibility questions while creating your profile, so this way, your selection will be much easier, and you will spend more quality time getting to know singles like you.


  • As a price to be paid for the high success rate of matching, the registration process and profile making might take you more time than usual registrations on other dating sites, even though it's quite simple to make.

4. Elite Singles

For those who believe that it’s crucial for their long-term happiness finding a compatible senior partner and seeking someone who suits their professional lifestyle. Also for those that want to share their ambitions, interests and understand the importance of their career and high degree educational status, EliteSingles is the right dating site. 


It is placed on an age bracket lower than most senior online dating sites, going mostly from 35 to 55 years old. The members of EliteSingles are elegant, sophisticated and well-educated, also more than 85% of them hold either a Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctorate degree.  Statistics situate EliteSingle as one of the leading senior global sites, available in more than 20 different countries worldwide and building hundreds of new couples monthly.

The site has a particular way to help members create their profiles, a guided communication filtering system based on a detailed psychology test including the Big Five Model of Personality, resulting on an intelligent matchmaking service……

…..This helps senior daters to save their valuable time and energy from checking undesirable profiles and just making a selection from a reduced list, matched specifically from each user, giving users the opportunity to choose more efficiently their compatible partners. 


  •  If you remain active at work and want to find someone that understands how important balancing work and love is for you so you can find love and don’t put your ambitions or career aside, this is definitely a site for you to try.
  • Users generally are seeking for long-term relationships, after all, trying to find someone with your same level of education seems serious enough.


  • Everybody knows the story of someone with great personality and amazing skills, who dedicates to do something of themselves without a university degree, right? So, trying to find a match under this characteristic might come across as snobbish and it does limit your options.

5. Silver Singles

For those who are over 50 and seeking for a long-term love relationship and companion, SilverSingles is a great option. As part of the service they offer to their members, this site takes your personal interests very seriously. As a way to help you find “the one” to spend the rest of your golden years with, the users need to answer personal questions, so they can get to know you better and make the matching easier and more accurate.

Besides the general information and personal questions necessary to create a users’ profile, this site requires members to take a Color Code personality test, which allows the site to be more precise at finding match senior singles. After checking on their matches, members can also decide which one is their “favorites” as a saving category into the SilverSingles platform. 

After this selection, those members selected as favorites will receive a message by letting them know your election. There is also a secret admirer section called “Think You’d Click?” Here, seniors can let know other members that they admire them, after which they decide whether to write them back or not, according to their matching activity and profile information.  


  • SilverSingles is well known as a friendly and easy to manage platform, as an advantage among other online dating sites. Another plus is the many interaction options they offer to members. I mean, how exciting it will be knowing you have your own secret admirer on senior dating field? Or how many “favorites” list do you figure in.


  • As many other dating sites, joining a paid monthly membership is required to be able to contact and messaging with their matches results. However, the site allows the user to see their matches for free so you can take a look at your matches’ selection before deciding to make the investment or not.

6. Match

Being a pioneer in the field of the online dating industry, it positions itself as one of the oldest, bigger, and popular dating dating websites, serving for 24 years so far. The site is available today to around 25 countries worldwide in more than 8 different languages and serves to all kind of people including the growing senior singles, with a huge membership database of their own.

Once users create their profile, the platform shows you “Daily Matches”, according to your preselected personalized selection. Every day is a new opportunity to find “the one” through the hundreds and hundreds of new seniors members joining Match around the world. If you plan on traveling and you want to get to know some locals in your destination country, Match is a very good option for you.

Match takes safety very seriouslyOne of their most outstanding features is fraud prevention so that any irregular or suspicious activity detected on a member profile will be closely monitoredThis wayusers can feel safe and have the certainty that someone is looking out for their safe online activity.  


  • The site offers a simple but attractive platform layout as well as a fast and simple signup process, which makes it a very interesting and eligible online senior dating site option, particularly for those senior singles recently introduced into the online dating field.


  •  Although the site offers featured options for free, messaging and instant chatting is not available -like many other dating sites- until upgrading your membership is done.

7. Christian Mingle

The ChistianMingle site is well known as the globally main Christian website, with a huge membership database, which is increasing every month. The site has been set as the #1 platform for Christian marriages worldwide. Finding a high-quality matching senior long-term relationship based on Love through God and their spiritual beliefs is the most important objective of the ChristianMingle site.

Religious believes and Christian values are important for a lot of people around the world- The more mature population, as senior singles, often keep to a well-established faith and often seeks for someone who understands and shares their spiritual life too.

As an important part of the ChristianMingle websitethey have developed a very interesting and unique feature for members to use: an online magazine, Believe, in which users can find all type of contents going for Christian dating articlesrelationships’ advice, Christian weddingsmarriage, and the list goes on and on 


  • If a spiritual and God-based relationship is what you are searching for, ChristianMingle site gives you the opportunity to get to know some single senior online and check if they share the same religion and other interests before going on a date.
  • They stand out the importance of building values as one of their most remarkable features to offer.


  • A premium subscription is required in order to enjoy chatting with other senior singles. Nevertheless, users get free access to many other great features that ChristianMingle platform offers, as their Believe magazine. 
  • Generally, the site remains a very heterosexual-oriented place as can be expected being a highly religious and God-Centered online dating site. This might leave out those senior singles with different sexual preferences.

8. Cupid

Cupid is a fun, simple-designed and efficient matchmaking platform to use, earning more and more interest thought time among the senior single population.

The site understands how important time is for their members, in order to this, they prioritize the way your matching selection is made, by making an original matching technique, different from the usually applied for most online dating sites. So, no more spending hours and hours answering large questionnaires, instead, they offer users the opportunity to start talking to those they are interested with, almost immediately after they log in.


  • Offers a new, refreshing and different matching system for a more automatically matched, intelligent senior online platform. So, if you are interested in proving "opposites attract", the Cupid site will work for you.
  • They allow you to start meeting single seniors of your interest without spending much time doing surveys.


  •  According to some, avoiding matching filters will be a little bit risky and a waste of time if you don’t end up matching with any single senior of your interest as quickly as you would like to.

9. DatingForSeniors

DatingForSeniors understands how difficultintimidating and frightening online dating can be for those over 50. One of its most attractive features is that the site has a very simple and friendly designAlso, as an interface featureDatingForSeniors owns a “Rapid Match” optionwhich helps members to see other seniors’ profiles very quickly. 


They ask some personal questions in order to create a specific and personified profile for more accurate matches. As a plus features from its platform site, DatingForSeniors identifies members’ location automatically once senior user’s signup. This way they can see how close their matches are to them. DatingForSeniors allows members to select on a wide-open membership database with seniors all over the world.


  • A huge wave of international seniors has been interested in the DatingForSeniors platform and services. If you don’t live in the US or if you’re traveling, you have a better chance with this app.
  • A 3 days free trial is offered to all members just by joining the app.


  • Having access to their many options has a price – just like everything in life - but they are lower than in most sites. Members will receive a 50% discount on their annual senior dating membership.
  • Even though members can sign up their profile for free, being able to see profile activity of other seniors has a cost, uploading your membership is required.

9. AARP Dating (Bonus)

AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons. This is an NGO founded in 1958 and it remains strong and growing until now, with nearly 38 million members, most of them are single seniors deep into online dating field. AARP is certainly worldwide recognized as one of the best and largest databases for senior dating in the world. 

AARP dating site for seniors

Not only does the APPR society offer several other services apart from dating, but also a wide list of features specifically related to online senior dating service, such as their “Daily Recommendations” option. This implies that the members receive profile suggestions every day, according to their previous preferences, giving users the exciting opportunity of several dating options as the days go by.

Other relevant features include having a “Favorite” list to include your favorite members in, as well as being able to see who is looking at your profile out there. And maybe, one of the most attractive and unique features, AAPR leads users to advertise their profile, as well as their date ideas, in the public website. This way, if decide whether they will contact them or not.


  • As an entire society, AARP members not only enjoy online senior dating but also other many events and activities opportunities.
  • Getting registered is for free, and as a plus to their members, the site offers a 7-days free trial membership, not bad at all, right?
  • Another great characteristic single seniors will enjoy by joining the AAPR dating site is their “Money-Back Guarantee”. So, if users didn’t have luck finding their ideal match, the site will return their money back. How great! Definitely, nothing to lose after all.    


  • Having access to their many options has a price –just like everything in life- but they are lower than in most sites. Members will receive a 50% discount on their annual senior dating membership.
  • AARP members are mostly located in the United States. So, if you don’t happen to live in the US, it might make a little bit harder finding a match senior nearby for a serious long-term relationship. At least with this app 

And remember, age is just a number… it’s all about attitude.

It doesn’t matter if you are divorced, widowed or just haven’t been lucky with love and relationships so far. It’s never too late! 

And there is no excuse for you not to go out and seek an opportunity to find someone to be with. There are great sites to find seniors like you out there, it’s just a matter of dedicating some of your time to it, and to make sure you choose the online senior dating site that suits you the best. 

As you can see, there are plenty of different platforms to select from, join the one that shares your values and interest the most and start a new chapter on your life.   

And if you’re wondering what the benefits of online dating are, remember that meeting someone online gives you the benefit of filtering through thousands of people. That way you can have a selected list of those who actually share your ideas, tastes, and preferences. 

Also, you can directly connect to those defined as “Ideal Matches” and start getting to know each other through the website platform before going on an offline date.